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What is an Aboriginal name for turtle?

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Yawurul language (Broome, Western Australia): Green Turtle: kurlibil.

Pinkenba (suburb of Brisbane, Queensland) meaning: Place where turtles can be found.

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In aboriginal culture what does the turtle symbolize?

mother earth

What is the name for aboriginal Queensland?

i think the name for aboriginal Queensland is gaurna

What is Mooroolbark's aboriginal name?

Mooroolbark's aboriginal name is Mooroolbik. This is the name that was given by the local Wurundjeri Aboriginal people. Mooroolbik means great water place.

Want animals did the aboriginal people eat?

The Australian Aboriginal ate, and continues to eat; Kangaroo, Emu, Goanna, Crocodile, Wallaby, Dugong, Turtle and more.

What does koolawala mean?

Koolawala is the aboriginal name for Australia Koolawala is the aboriginal name for Australia

What is the aboriginal name for yackandandah?

Yackandandah *IS* the Aboriginal name....meaning rock/waterhole when translated.

What is the aboriginal name for Port Macquarie?

The aboriginal name for the Port Macquarie area is Birbai.

What was kath walkers aboriginal name?

Kath Walkers aboriginal name is Oodgeroo Noonucle

Is alinta an aboriginal name?

yes Alinta is an Aboriginal name meaning flame or fire

What is the aboriginal name for the Sandpaper Fig?

Aboriginal name for sandpaper fig is noo-ni.

What is the aboriginal name for bilby?

the aboriginal word for bilby is gilby

Scientific name of a turtle?

The Scientific name of a turtle is

What does Campbelltown mean aboriginal?

"Campbelltown" is an English name, not aboriginal. The aboriginal people of the Campbelltown were the Tharawal tribe.

How did Little Turtle get his name?

His father was mishikinakwa and that stood for turtle and got the name little turtle

What is the aboriginal name for wombats?

The Aboriginal name for wombat is "wombat". The name came from that given by the Aboriginal Eora people of the Sydney Cove/Port Jackson area where the Europeans originally settled.

What is the best name for a turtle?

Halo is the best name for a turtle

What is the scientific name of turtle?

Drected is the scientific name of turtle

Scientific name of turtle?

The scientific name of the turtle is marmorata

What is the name of biggest turtle?

The biggest turtle is the Leatherback Turtle.

What is name of nemo's acolyte green turtle?

The name of the turtle is Crush

What is the scientific name for a turtle?

The scientific name for a turtle is Testudines or Chelonia.

What is the name of aboriginal dance ceremonies?

Aboriginal dance ceremonies were known as corroborees.

What is Cathy Freeman's Aboriginal name?

Cathy Freeman (Catherine Astrid Salome Freeman) doesn't have an Aboriginal name

What does wombat mean in aboriginal?

The name 'wombat' has no other meaning in the aboriginal dialect. It is derived from an Eora name for the animal.

Name 4 different species of turtle?

# green turtle # box turtle # wood turtle # stinkpot turtle

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