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What is an Academic Minor?

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academic minor is secondary degree requirements under your major

which is your main specialization for example bachelors of science

business administration degree human resources major marketing minor

2007-10-10 04:17:40
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What is the definition of a college minor?

An academic minor is a college or university student's declared secondary field of study or specialization during his undergraduate studies. Each college or university sets its own regulations for necessary course work that constitutes an academic minor.

What is the abstract noun of minor?

The word 'minor' is a noun with some abstract definitions:a secondary area of specialized academic studyin music, a minor key, scale, or intervalThe abstract noun form for the adjective minor is minority.

How can I major in business administration and minor in accounting?

Just check with your academic adviser at the school, and they will give you the curriculum layout and requirements.

How do you answer 'what are your academic interests'?

Colleges are looking for a basis of guidelines on where to categorize you in their database. You will be filed according to your answers. Contrast to "Elective Interests", "Academic Interests" usually are what you plan to major or minor in whereas elective interests are extracurricular.

What is the term for intellectual snob?

pedant |ˈpednt| noun a person who is excessively concerned with minor details and rules or with displaying academic learning.

What did Barack Obama major and minor in?

As an undergraduate, he majored in Political Science (at Columbia). It's not clear whether he also had a minor. In graduate school at Harvard Law School, there was no minor-- there were specializations. Mr. Obama received a law degree (JD), with academic honors, specializing in constitutional law.

What is an academic goal?

the academic goal is the academic what do you want to do

What is the abstract noun for minor?

The word 'minor' is both an adjective and an abstract noun. The noun is a word for a lesser thing compared to a greater thing; and a person who has not reached the age of majority. Another abstract noun form is minority. The word 'minor' is also a verb, to pursue an academic study in addition to a selected field of study.

What jobs can you get with a BS in Physical Education?

Teaching jobs abound, especially if you have a minor in English or Math. Most schools have the PE teachers teaching an academic subject as well.

What is an academic blog?

I think academic blog is a blog that focuses on academic topics.

What are the differences between visio academic and visio non-academic?


What is the academic word in this sentence?


Is miner and minor neither the same nor opposite?

The nouns 'miner' and 'minor' are not opposite and do not have the same meaning. The noun 'miner' is a word for a person who works in a mine. The noun 'minor' is a word for a person a person under the age of legal responsibility; a word for a secondary area of specialized academic study. The word 'minor' is also a verb and an adjective.

What is your weakest academic area and why?

what is your weakest academic

Define academic and with a sentence?

Academic means relating to a school, especially of higher learning. Here are some sentences.Her academic records are impressive.He is an academic.Their academic averages should be posted online by now.

Is academic a noun?

Yes, the word academic is an adjective (an academic question, the academic year) and a noun, a word for someone who teaches or does research at a college or university; an academician.

How do you answer a 'how question for an academic paper?

"Yes academic question. Diploma question academic answers true."

Is academic a noun or verb?

As a adjective for example 'an academic question' As a noun for example ' he was by temperament an academic' But not a verb

What is an Academic report?

A kind of report that has to do with academic research.

How is academic achievement measured?

how is academic achievent measured

What are academic genres?

Academic genres are stories set in an academic enviorment, it could be a book, movie or play. An example of an academic genre could be The History Boys. :) Hope this helps.

What are the release dates for 922 From Academic Watch to Academic WOW - 2013?

922 From Academic Watch to Academic WOW - 2013 was released on: USA: 1 March 2013

What is an academic strength?

An academic strength is a strength that is in terms of academics.

What is the adverb of academic?

Academically is the adverb form of academic, the adjective.

What is a sentence using the word academic?

The discussion is purely academic.