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it is fast, so it can run away from meat eaters it is fast, so it can run away from meat eaters

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What adaptive characteristics do moles have?

an adaptive characteristic that moles have is that they can see in the dark, and make their homes underground.

What are Adaptive characteristics of a goat?

7 adaptative characteristic og a goat

Definition for adaptive characteristics?

The definition for adaptive characteristic is when an animal adapts to its habitat for survival. For instance, a Dingoe has fur color that is made to blend in with its surroundings.

For a fetal pig what adaptive advantage is gainded by its closure at birth?

At birth the ductus arteriosus becomes ligamentum arteriosum in fetal pigs. This adaptive characteristic provides a way for the pulmonary artery to function.

How many hearts does Doctor Who have?

Doctor Who has two hearts (harts refers to deer, Doctor Who has no deer)- it is a characteristic of Time Lords.

What is adaptive radiation or divergent evolution?

Adaptive radiation or divergent evolution is the process by which a single species or small group of species evolves into several different forms that live in different ways. A characteristic is rapid growth in the diversity of a group of organisms.

Is culture adaptive?

Yes, culture is adaptive.

Adaptive system and non-adaptive system?

Adaptive systems are ones that are continually changing to meet the demands of the environment. Non-adaptive systems do not change.

Difference between delta modulation and adaptive delta modulation?

in delta modulation, adaptive word is missing.. but in adaptive delta modulation, adaptive word is present.. This the difference between adaptive delta modulation and delta modulation

Adaptive expectations hypothesis?

why are adaptive expectations inefficient

What are examples of adaptive behavior?

examples of adaptive behavior

What are some adaptive features of a goat?

what are the adaptive features of goat

Difference between adaptive and non adaptive algorithm?

Non adaptive algorithm requires any changes to be made manually. Adaptive algorithms are able to make any changes automatically.

What has the author Robert K Tyson written?

Robert K. Tyson has written: 'Principles of adaptive optics' -- subject(s): Adaptive Optics, Optics, Adaptive 'Astronomical adaptive optics systems and applications III' -- subject(s): Congresses, Adaptive Optics, Astronomical instruments, Imaging systems in astronomy, Design and construction 'Lighter side of adaptive optics' -- subject(s): Adaptive Optics, Humor, Imaging systems in astronomy, Optics, Adaptive

Is culture always adaptive?

how is culture adaptive and always changing related

What are some characteristic of taiga?

it is like Canada. their are forests and it snows in winter. their are animals like deer and weasels and lots of pine types

What is an adaptive trait?

An adaptive trait is one that helps an individual better interact with their environment. Adaptive traits include thumbs in humans for example.

What is adaptive evolution?

Adaptive evolution is the ability of an organism to adjust to an environment based on their physical fitness. Adaptive evolution is a continuous and dynamic process.

What are the examples of the adaptive structures of animals?

There are many examples of adaptive structures of animals. One example of an adaptive structure was legs for land animals.

Is adaptive immunity nonspecific?

no, adaptive immunity is specific, innate is non specific

What are the characteristic of culture?

..culture is learned.. ..culture is transmitted orally and by writing.. ..culture is shared.. ..culture is patterned and integrated.. ..culture is adaptive and maladapive.. ..culture is compulsory.. and ..culture is essential for social life..

What are the adaptive structures of animals?

The adaptive structures of animals are great in number. Some adaptive structures include legs, wings, and strengthened appendages like claws.

What is an adaptive feature?

An adaptive feature is a feature to help you adapt to the climate, the place or others

What are the example of software adaptive maintenance?

Adaptive Maintenance (Software) is maintenance that allows software to adapt to a change in the system or system environment. Adaptive maintenance does not provide new capabilities. Adaptive Maintenance (Software) is maintenance that allows software to adapt to a change in the system or system environment. Adaptive maintenance does not provide new capabilities.

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