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What is an American short ton?

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a short ton is 2000 ft in the U.S.A!

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How many ounces are in 1t?

in an American ton (short ton) there are 32,000 ounces in the UK (long ton) there are 35,840 ounces

1 imperial ton equals in kg?

1 ton (2,240 lbs) = 1,016.0469 kilogrammes This is an Imperial, or 'long' ton. An American, ot 'short' ton is 2,000 lbs and is equal to 907.18474 kilogrammes

How many short ton units are in a short ton?

Exactly one.

If a short ton is 2000 tons what is a long ton?

A long ton is defined as 2,240 pounds. It doesn't matter what a short ton is.

Which is greater ton or metric ton?

Which ton: American or British (2240lbs)? The metric one is the "tonne", not "ton" (French and to distinguish it from the pounds-based tons) 1 short ton = 0.907 tonne 1 long tone = 1.106 tonne.

How many pounds in 0.6 t?

0.6 short ton = 1200 pounds0.6 long ton = 1344 pounds1 short ton = 2000 pounds1 long ton = 2240 pounds0.6 short ton = 0.6 short ton * 2000 pounds/1 short ton = 1200 pounds0.6 long ton = 0.6 long ton * 2240 pounds/1 long ton = 1344 pounds

Which is larger a metric ton or customary ton?

Depends on if by 'customary' you're referring to a short ton or a long ton. A short ton is less than a metric ton; a long ton is more than a metric ton.

How much in kilos is a short ton?

A short Ton contains 907.18474 kilogrammes

How many kilo in a short ton?

1 short ton = 907.2 kilograms.

How many grams are in a short ton?

About 907,200 grams in one short ton.

How do you convert short ton to pounds?

1 short ton = 2000 pounds

How many lbs in a short ton?

One short ton is 2,000 pounds.

Is short ton the same as metric ton?

No, one tonne is 1000 kilograms, a short ton is 907.2 kg. A long ton is 1016.0 kg.

Is dry short ton same as dry ton?

No. A short ton is what Americans use and that is 2000 pounds. A ton is the proper term and is 2240 pounds

How many pounds are in a short ton?

2,000 pounds. The short ton is the complete name of the measure usually referred to as a ton.

How much is 1 short ton in pound?

The weight of 1 short ton is 1820000lbs.

How do you figure short tons?

A 'short ton' is a US ton, equal to 2,000 pounds.

How many ton in one metric ton?

One metric ton to a short ton is 1.10231 tons To a long ton it is 0.984207 tons Oh, and a long ton is used in the UK, whereas a short ton is used in the US.

How many tons is 80000 pounds?

80,000 lbs. is equal to 40 short tons (American ton) and just over 36 metric tonnes, the tonne which is used elsewhere in the world. short ton- 2000 lbs metric ton- just over 2200 lbs

Why can't you answer how many tons are in one pound?

You can if you define the kind of ton, because there are many different units that involve the word "ton" (short, long, and metric). A short ton is 2000 pounds, so there is 1/2000 short ton in a pound, or 0.0005 short ton per pound.

Weight difference between short ton and long ton?

A short (US) ton is equal to 2,000 pounds and a long (UK) ton is equal to 2,240 pounds.

What is the difference between metric ton a short ton and a long ton?

a short ton is 2000 pounds a long ton is 2240 pounds a metric ton (tonne) is 1,000 kilograms, which weighs 2,204.62 pounds on Earth.

How many American ton to 12000 lbs?

6 tons 1 US (short) ton = 2000 lb 1 UK (long) ton = 2240 lb 1 tonne (metric) = 2204.6 lb

How many short tons are there in a metric ton?

1 ton (metric) = 1.1 tons (short).

Why is Short ton called short?

because it's smaller than a long ton, by 0.89