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What is an Archimedean solid?

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In geometry an Archimedean solid or semi-regular solid is a semi-regular convex polyhedron made of two or more types of regular polygons meeting in identical vertices.

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What is the name of an Archimedean solid?


What is the name of the Archimedean solid that the ball represents?

A sphere.

Different between platonic solids and archimedean solid?

what are the differences between platonic and archimedean solids? physically , naturely and features

What is the name of the Archimedean solid that the soccer ball represents?

Truncated Icosahedron

How can you get the volume of irregular solid?

In general terms, by using the Archimedean principle. If the solid is immersed in a liquid, it will displace a volume of that liquid which is equal to its own volume. The volume of liquid displaced is then measured.

What is an Archimedean property?

An Archimedean property is the property of the set of real numbers, that for any real number there is always a natural number greater than it.

How many edges does a snub dodecahedron have?

The snub dodecahedron is an Archimedean solid consisting of 92 faces (80 triangular, 12 pentagonal), 150 edges, and 60 vertices.

What is the name of the archimedean solid the soccer ball represents?

I believe that would be the truncated icosahedron! It is pentagons and hexagons, right? Here is a site with pictures:

What is a trunicated cube?

In geometry, the truncated cube can be defined as an Archimedean solid. It consists of 14 regular faces (6 octagonal and 8 triangular), 36 edges, and 24 vertices.

What is an archimedean screw?

An Archimedean screw is another name for an Archimedes' screw, a screw which, when twisted inside a cylinder, raises water from a lower level to a higher level, allowing irrigation of fields.

Which Archimedean solid takes up the most volume in its circumscribed sphere?

The truncated icosidodecahedron, also known as the great rhombicosidodecahedron. It has 62 faces comprising 12 decagons20 hexagons and30 squares.

What shape starts with the letter A?

ArcArchimedean solidAntiprismacute triangleacute trianglearcacute triangleAn arc of a circle is one exampleAn arc is a shape. An acute triangle is a shape.

How do you determine if a three dimensional shape is Platonic or Archimedean?

it is plutonic if it hs no line of symetry

What are some examples of screw in the 6 simple machines?

Nut and bolt fastener , auger , Archimedean screw ,

What has the author Yuan Qing Qiao written?

Yuan Qing Qiao has written: 'On non-Archimedean spaces'

The buoyant force on an object in a fluid is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object This statement is?

stating the Archimedean Principle.

What is the archimedean screw?

an irrigation pump. The Archimedean or Archimedes Screw is a large spiral screw revolving inside a hollow, tight fitting cylinder. It was traditionally hand operated or wind operated by a windmill, and used to raise water efficiently by transferring water from low lying bodies of water into irrigation ditches.

What simple machine makes a drill?

The twist drill uses flutes that act as an Archimedean screw to lift swarf from the hole.

What are three spirals found in nature?

The three spirals found in nature are : 1. logarithmic (in nautilus) 2. fibonacci (in sunflower centre) 3. archimedean (in millipedes)

What has the author Rudolf Kellermann written?

Rudolf Kellermann has written: 'Die Kulturgeschichte der Schraube' -- subject(s): Archimedean screw, Mechanical movements, Screws

What did the water screw do to help the Greeks?

The Water Screw helped to bring water from a lower level to a higher one. :)[ADDED] It's normally called the "Archimedean Screw".

In which physical state will 10g of bromine store the most thermal energy?


Is a banana a gas liquid or solid?

A solid.

Colors starting with 's'?

solid green solid pink solid redsolid orangesolid yellowsolid bluesolid indigosolid purplesolid blackSOLID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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A piece of butter is a solid in solid.