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This is called the Orientation.

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What is a convex figure?

In a convex figure, if you pick any two points, the points between them are also a part of the figure.

What is a crystall lattice?

A crystal lattice is the arrangement of atoms inside of a crystal. This arrangement is a three dimensional figure.

What is the Japanese art of flower arrangement called?

The Japanese flower arrangement is called Ikebana. It is based on the principle of balance for its design. >There are three main points in Ikebana, heaven , man and earth. With these points determining the placement of the flowers the arrangement is balanced and harmonious .

What is interior in geometry?

In a close figure it is the set of points inside the figure.

A figure formed by three or more points joined by line segments?

Triangle: A figure formed by exactly three (non-colinear) points joined by line segments is a triangle. A figure formed by three or more points is generally called a polygon. Of course, if all of the points are co-linear then there is not much of a figure. A polygon has 3 or more sides.

What is crystal lattice?

The Structure of the crystalline solids can be represented as an order three dimensional arrangement of points. Here each points represented the location of a constituent particle and is known as lattice point and such an arrangement is called crystal lattice.

What is a Geometrical figure that has 2 equal points?

what do you mean by points? do you mean angles or sides?

How is figure skating played today?

in figure skating you have skates you do spins spirals and jumps on ice and get points for it when you do a fault you dont get many points who ever has the most points from the judges wins quite simple

When you change coordinates of points of a figure to get another figure the original figure is called what?

The original figure is called the pre-image. After the transformation it becomes the image.

What is school labeling?

If you mean as in School labeling (labeling people) Its when someone calls you like an emo or a geek etc ...

What is the arrangement of pneumonia?

I'm trying to figure that out too... do you by chance happen to go to lacrescent high?

What is the other word for configuration?

composition, disposition, arrangement, figure, structure, outline, shape, form

What is a figure that has no end points?

A straight line other than a line segment which does have end points.

Can you show me a closed figure?

If the start and end points of a figure are same, then it is called a closed figure. Examples can be a square or a triangle or a pentagon.

A sentence using and labeling verb?

My teacher was labeling the classroom;

What is labeling?

Labeling is when you assign something to a category to identify an item.

Why two different compound have different melting points?

because the arrangement of molecules are different in both.

What does the word triangular mean in maths?

a triangle, a 3 sided figure, a figure with 3 points, etc.

A round figure who surface is at all points equidistant from the center?

A rounded figure that has all surface points equidistant from the center is a sphere. A common object that is a sphere is a tennis ball.

What is a space figure with all points equal from the center?

A sphere has all points on it equal distanced from its centre.

How are all the points in this figure are the same distance from the center?

if it's a circle, all points are equidistant from the center.

What is a figure in which all line segments that can be drawn between points on the figure are not contained in the figure?

It is a concave figure, which can only be formed in figures with four or more lines (quadrilaterals and above).

Why do figure Skaters get awards?

It is because they get he highest points from everyone.

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