Birth Control Pill

What is an ECP pill?

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ECP is short for emergency contraceptive pill

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Hello You can take the morning after pill or plan B or the emergency contraception pill to prevent pregnancy from occurring. The morning after pill, plan b or ecp will prevent pregnancy occurring upto 97% so there is still a 3% chance that pregnancy can occur - because of this I would recommend that you perform a pregnancy test 3-4 weeks after taking the morning after pill, plan b or ecp. You must take the morning after pill, plan b or ecp within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse. 72 hours is three days. You must never use birth control in place of emergency contraception as it simply does not work and may cause side effects lasting several days.

ECP stands for .Election Commission Pakistan.Electronic Computer Processing.

Generally,the curative effect is not so rapid.You can take Fuyan pill to kill chlamydia and mycoplasma and so on.That is STD.

Entry Control Point

As much as possible keep the default setting of ECP; otherwise, you can also select an IRQ (interrupt request) line for the port.

ECP was designed to increase speed over EPP by using a DMA channel; therefore, when using ECP mode, you are using a DMA channel.

An occasion when you need to disable the ECP mode for parallel port is when resource conflicts occur. In such a case, the EPP mode is the better option.

Unidirectional mode or bidirectional mode. If using more modern standard ieee-1284, EPP or ECP Also, ECP & EPP

· Recall the ECP uses a DMA channel. Allow setup to keep DMA3 unless you suspect a conflict with another device trying to use DMA

George Gallup the godfather of scientific polling. (ECP)

Extended Capabilities Port (ECP) as designed to increase speed over EPP by using a DMA channel; therefore, when using ECP mode, you are using a DMA channel.

If it's not compatible with your motherboard.

Short for Extended Capabilities Port, a parallel-port standard for PCs that supports bi-directional communication between the PC and attached devices(such as a printer). ECP is about 10 times faster than the older Centronics standard.

# If you are having problems with resource conflicts, you could try disabling ECP mode for the parallel port. EPP mode gives good results and does not tie up a DMA channel.

we do not know every thing it means sheep's are weird

i took the ecp on Saturday morning (today is Thursday) and today i started spotting...i don't know if that is a sign if im pregnant or not. i know this doesnt help but i just wanted to let you know im wondering what the answer to this is too. i am also expierencing very light pains in my lower abdonimal area...

Three letter acronyms and initialisms can mean a great many different things, depending on the context in which they are used.among other things, EPP can mean:European People's PartyExtensible Provisioning ProtocolEmergency Preparedness PlanSimilarly, ECP can mean:Encryption Control Protocol

The Pill is the name associated with the Contraceptive Birth Control Pill.

can be either depending on the pill

If you took the wednesday pill on tuesday, then just take the tuesday pill on Wednesday. There is no harm and no decrease in effectiveness as long as the wednesday pill wasn't a placebo pill and the tuesday pill an active pill (e.g. in Loestrin 24)

too us ecp trainer 2 you have to go n file cart and you can change your name

The airport code for Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport is ECP.

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