What is an Erlenmeyer flask and how is it used?

The triangular shape of the Erlenmeyer flask aids in the mixing of the liquid inside. When you swirl the flask, the liquid moves up the sides without coming out the top.

They are used in applications where solutions must be mixed multiple times. When doing a titration analysis, small amounts of reactant are added to a solution, usually until an indicator changes color, and the solution must be mixed after every addition.

When making a dilution of a stock solution, the easiest way is to add a measured amount of stock to a measured amount of solvent in an Erlenmeyer and swirl to ensure thorough mixing.

Erlenmeyer flasks are often used to heat liquids with a Bunsen burner. For that purpose, the flask is usually placed on a ring held to a ring stand by means of a ring clamp. A wire gauze mesh or pad is usually placed between the ring and the flask.