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To condense

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Q: What is an HVAC system condenser unit used for?
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What is a packaged HVAC?

Usually a package HVAC or Package unit is one large unit that has the evaporator and condenser in the same location unlike a typical system where the evaporator and condenser are located in separate locations. Package units are usually used for commercial building and placed on rooftops.

What is the purpose of a boiler that is used on the HVAC system?

The purpose is what it was without a HVAC system ... to make heat !

What is the role of a condenser system?

There are several roles of a condenser system depending on what is using it. In a microscope, a condenser system helps gather and focus light for a clearer view. In an air conditioner a condenser system cools heated gas so it can be used again.

What type of air condition to be used for 200 service units?

Central unit used with a chiller system or individual units with a evaporator and condenser instead that wall units.

Hvac limit switch?

limit switch on hvac used to cut off low voltage on heating when system over heat limit

How much does it cost to replace a 4.5 ton HVAC unit including installation?

$depends on if the existing ductwork can be used.

What type of cable used in active air circulating spaces of an HVAC system?


What is a device that can be used both for cooling and heating?

vaporizer hvac. and tandom system ac

What is the role of gland condenser in steam turbine?

gland condenser is a type of condenser in which steam which is coming from d turbine is used for the heating of demineralised water and then this water is sent to the boiler so boiling of hot water consumes less coal and thus we get benifit of it

What is the main function of condonser?

Assuming you mean condenser, in an automobile ac system the condenser is used to condense vapor into liquid.

What are the difference between package unit and split unit?

A package unit contains all elements of the refrigeration cycle in one system. The 4 major components include: A compressor, condenser, metering device, and a evaporator. All elements are needed to complete the cycle of refrigeration. As for a split unit, All elements of the refrigeration cycle are used, however the condenser is located outside of the facility, while the evaporator is located inside of the facility. To better understand the difference in question, you must understand the job of each component in the refrigeration cycle. For example, a condenser is normally used to reject heat or cold air from a building, while a evaporator normally supplies heat or cold air to the building.

Why HVAC is used?

HVAC is used to Heat Ventilate & Air Condition, a structure.