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Eskimos live (or use to live in) igloos.

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Q: What is an Indian is to tepee as eskimo is to?
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Which is the correct spelling tipi teepee or tepee?

'Teepee', meaning the traditional Indian home.

Indian is to wigwam as Eskimo is to?


What is the synonym for Arctic Indian?

Inuit or Eskimo.

1 Where in Texas did Kiowa Indians live?

The Kiowa Indian's live in tipi's or (tepee's).

What Indian tribe does Todd Palin belong to?

Yupik Eskimo

What civilizations that were discovered in the new world?

Aztecs, Incas, Mayan, Indian, Eskimo

A big fat Indian chief and a smal thin Indian sitting outside a tepee each smoking pipe little Indian was son of big Indian but big Indian was not little Indians father why?

Because the big Indian was the mom of the little Indian.

Is eskimo and aleut the same?

Aleut is a type of Eskimo. Inupiaq and Yupik peoples are also considered Eskimo (There are more, just using these as examples). Eskimo is a term used to describe several different groups of indigenous people, just as Cherokee, Navajo, Crow and others are classified as Indian.

Who owned a tepee?

the women own tepee

What Indian tribe lives in the frozen lands near the Arctic Ocean?

The Inuit (Eskimo)

What is racial category is most closely related to the Eskimo ethnicity?

American Indian or Alaska Native

What is the Indian word for the English word tepee?

There is actually no such language as "Indian". If you are talking about Native American languages, there are more than 700 languages. If you would like a translation, you would need to specify which Indian language you are talking about.