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For the word Officer the abbreviation is "OFC." For Police Officer, the abbreviation is "P.O."

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Q: What is an abbreviation for officer as in police officer?
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Is off an abbreviation for police officer?

no it is not an abbreviation for police officer...... or u can wait for another answers..Added: The abbreviation for the rank of "officer" is usally written as "OFC" (e.g.: Ofc. John Q. Smith).

How do you abbreviate police officer?

There is no commonly accepted abbreviation for the word police, but 'officer' can be abbreviated either as "Off." or as "Ofc."

What is the abbreviation for a CID officer?

An abbreviation for a CID Officer is TEC.

What can a police officer ask you if you are a police officer?

If you are a police officer you would not need to ask. A police officer doing his duty will treat another police officer as any member of the public (if they are out of uniform and off duty).

What is the possessive of police officer?

The possessive form of the noun police officer is police officer's.Example: The police officer's car blocked the escape of the suspect.

What is a police officer of a small town called?

A police officer

How do you spell police officer?

That is the correct spelling of "police officer."

Can you curse at a police officer?

you are allowed to curse at a police officer but you are not allowed to threaten an officer.

What is a corporal police officer?

corporal police officer is the first rank of the police department.

What is something police dogs do to get the police officer in trouble?

He bites the police officer after smelling illegal substances on the officer's person.

What is the abbreviation of police department?

PD (Police Department)

What is the abbreviation for officer?

The word officer in writing is abbriviated as "OFC"

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