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an airplane is called 'un avion' in French.

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Q: What is an airplane in French?
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What is the french word of an airplane?


What do you call airplane in french?

It is avion

How do you spell airplane in french?


What is french word for airplane flight?


How do say airplane in french?

un avion

How do you say airplane in french?

an airplane is called 'un avion' in French. The old word 'aéroplane' isn't used any more.

Who built the frst successful French airplane?

The first successful French airplane, a tractor monoplane named the "Blériot VII," was introduced in 1907 by Louis Blériot.

How do you say the airplane lands in french?

l'avion atterrit.

Do you capitalize french airplane?

In the English language, "French", and similar words for other countries, should be capitalized.

What does PAR AVION mean?

PAR AVION is French for via airmail. Par is French for via (or by means of); avion is French for airplane.

What is the french name for in?

most of the time you will use the word "dans" for in, but make sure you distinguish between being in the airplane, and being on the airplane

What is a French made airplane?

Airbus, Dassault, Áerospatiale to name but a few!