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What is an allergory?

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an allergory is a story in which objects and characters stand for something other than themselves.

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If you considered The Call of the Wild to be an allergory?

B.Buck represents some characteristics of humanity

Who was an artist who used classical mythology in his paintings?

During the Renaissance Botticelli combined medieval allergory with classical mythology. The famous artist Raphael, from the same time period, also made use of the classical mythology combined with Christian traditions in his work.

How is the story of Narnia an allergory?

Each of the Narnia stories is an allegory for some aspect of life. The Magician's Nephew tells the story of creation. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe tells the story of salvation. The White Witch represents evil and the everlasting winter is death. Aslan is Jesus, who dies to rescue the people from their sins and then is resurrected. The Horse and his Boy is a story of God's providence. Every circumstance in Shasta's life seems natural at the time, yet everything contributes towards the preordained end. He does not know Christ (Aslan), yet Aslan never leaves him. Prince Caspian is about a corrupted community that is renewed because a few people (Christians in hiding) are ready for Aslan (Jesus) to return to them. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is about church life. The sea is the Sea of Life, and the ship represents the Church (ship of fools, ark of safety, etc.). The sailors are the Christians, who are forced to live together and deal together with whatever the sea sends them. The unwilling passenger, Eustace, is the sinner who, because he is befriended by a church, comes face to face with Christ and is eventually born again (undragoned). The Silver Chair is about God's guidance. Aslan gives the children four signs (representing the instructions in the Bible) but they are led astray by their own sinfulness and nearly fail. In the end, however, a renewed commitment to obeying Aslan's instruction means the quest must succeed. The Last Battle is about the Last Things and the end of the world.

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