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No way of telling.

It's just as much about the build as it is about the material and the target weight.

For the same weight and build quality, the aluminium frame will be stronger, as it can have more material in it.

If build quality is the same, and you require the aluminium frame to be lighter, then the chrome moly frame may be stronger.

If you compare a poorly built frame to a well built frame, the poorly built frame will be weaker, regardless of material.

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It's simply a bicycle frame made out of two or more metals mixed together. Alloy is often used for metals mainly consisting of aluminium, but with a dash of other metals thrown in the mix.

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Alloy simply means a mix of metals. Common alloys would be Cr-Mo, (Chrome- Molybdenum) for steel frames, and various aluminium (Al-Cu, Al-Mg...) alloys.

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Q: What is an alloy bicycle frame?
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How strong is a alloy bicycle frame?

There's really no telling, as it depends just as much on the design as it does on the material.

What is alloy lite as in bicycle frames?

Magnesium, Titanium

What problems does the bicycle frame solve?

Well, you need a structure to stick the rider on, and the wheels and parts in, and that's what the bicycle frame provides.

What is the price for an aluminum bicycle frame?

From $100 to $2000, depending on the frame.

Bicycle frame adujustment for riding?

You can't adjust a frame

What is a wheelie on a skateboard called?

A bicycle. A bicycle with the wheels removed, but everything else it needs attached, is a frame set with gruppo. And just the frame and fork make up a frame set.

How is the frame of a bicycle different from a human skeleton?


Who invented collapsible bicycle frame?

LR Johnson

How many frames are used for a bicycle?

The frame is the heart of the bicycle, and you only need one frame for one bike. Components can often be moved over to another frame, but unless that frame is exactly the same as the previous one this will make it a new bike.

What do you do to molten iron to get tube steel?

Iron is mixed with various other metals and non-metals according to the requirements for that particular alloy. To make a steel bicycle frame tube for example, you would probably add carbon and molybdenum.

Which element is used in an alloy for light non corroding bicycle parts?

The answer is Aluminum (Al)

What does airweight mean on a pistol?

Made with an aluminum alloy frame