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What is an ancient Egyptian picture writing called?


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Ancient Egyptian picture writing is called hieroglyphics.

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the Egyptians used a picture writing called hieroglyphs.

The ancient Egyptian writing in pictures was called hieroglyphics and it had over 700 symbals

If you were asking about Egyptian picture writing the symbols are called hieroglyphs.

The ancient Egyptian writing system is called "hieroglyphics."

Hieroglyphics Is The Picture Form And Cuneiform Is Symbol Form Of Egyptian Writing.

This ancient writing is called hieroglyphics. Many different pictures represent words and numbers. Hieroglyphics are used today still... kinda. Picture icons are like hieroglyphics.

the Egypytian writting is called Hieroglyphic

Egyptian writing is important because the ancient type of Egyptian writing called "Cuneiform" is the oldest known type of writing/recording.

it is called hieroglyphics. it is a form of picture writing

Picture based writing called hieroglyphics's.

The first Egyptian writing was made up of rows of pictures called hieroglyphs. Each picture stood for; an object, an idea, or the sound of a word. Many of the hieroglyphs are quite complicated- they must have taken ages to draw!

Ancient Egyptians wrote using pictures called hieroglyphics.

These are called Hieroglyphs. They were used in Ancient Egypt.

The ancient Egyptian form of writing called hieroglyphs.

The ancient Egyptians had a form of pictorial writing called hieroglyphs. The hieroglyphs were various pictures that stood for single letter sounds or the sounds of multiple letters put together.The name of the Ancient Egyptian writing system is called "hieroglyphics."These were pictographs, picture symbols that could represent letter sounds, words and phrases.Hieroglyphics.Hieroglyphics.

The items used in picture writing are generally referred to as symbols. When used to create elaborate thoughts or ideas, they are called "pictograms" which means "picture message." Varying forms of writing will have different specific terminology. An example is that Egyptian picture writing symbols are called Heiroglyphs, and those present in ancient Sumarrian scrypt are called Cuneiform. Each language has its own terms for the pictures that represent words, but the fundamental definition is that they are all "pictograms" meaning, "pictures that convey a message."

The picture writing used in Ancient Egypt is called hieroglyphics. These amazing works of art tell stories with intricacies that modern people can't grasp.

The Ancient Egyptian crocodile god was called 'Sorbek'

I think the word you're looking for there is hieroglyphics? perhaps

The ancient writing of India is called sanskrit

The name for the Ancient Egyptian mascara was called "kohl."

Ancient Egyptians had many symbols. Did you mean their system of writing? That's called hieroglyphics. Did you mean the cross with a loop in the top? That's called an ankh.

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