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An anticodon is a nucleotide triplet of the tRNA. If lysine has an AAA codon, the anticodon of a lysine tRNA will be UUU.

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If the anticodon for lysine is UUU what is its codon?


How many different dipeptides can be formed by lysine and alanine?


What is the anticodon for CGA?

The anticodon for CGA is GCU.

The anticodon for auc is?

anticodon for auc is UGA which is thymine

How many bases are in a anticodon?

An anticodon has 3 bases.

What is anticodon for methinonine?

Anticodon for Methionine (Met) is UAC.

Is lysine an enzyme?

No, lysine is an amino acid.

Where does lysine bond another lysine?

i just came across a lysine-lysine bond in a b-barrel n-termini fragment that's embedded in the membrane

Which anticodon pairs with codon GAU?

The anticodon would be CUA

What is the anticodon for the codon GGU?

Anticodon for codon GGU is CCA.

How do you find a codon and anticodon?

In anticodon,there is no thymine.It is replaced by uracil.

What anticodon pairs with the codon gau?

Anticodon- CUACUA

What is lysine?

Lysine is one of the essential amino acids

Is rice rich in lysine?

Yes, it is rich in lysine.

What pairs with codon?

Its anticodon. Like if the codon is GUG its anticodon is CAC.

What is the matching anticodon for GCA?

The matching anticodon for GCA would be CGU.

What is the anticodon to AAA?

A pairs with T so the anticodon would be TTT

What types of RNA have each codon and anticodon?

The tRNA has the anticodon and mRNA has the codon.

How many bases is a anticodon?

An anticodon has 3 bases that are the pair match with the codon.

What is the anticodon to AUC?

The anticodon would be UAG, and the amino acid coded for is isoleucine.

What anticodon would bind with the codon AAA?

The anticodon that pairs with AAA is UUU.

What is the anticodon of TCG?

an anticodon would be the opposite strand that binds to the codon. A binds to T, C-G. So, TCG would have an anticodon of AGC

Where do you find a anticodon?

Anticodon are essential for protein synthesis. The anticodon is complementary to the codon found on the tRNA that determines which amino acid is brought to the growing protein.

Does tRNA pair up with anticodon?

Yes. tRNA molecules pair up with anticodons. The region on the tRNA that interacts with the anticodon is called the anticodon loop

What are the two amino acids that jello lack?

tryptophan and lysine lysine