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What is an antonym for futility?

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Opposite of FutilityAccording to the website, the word futility has several meanings:
  • The quality of having no useful result; uselessness.
  • Lack of importance or purpose; frivolousness.
  • A futile act.

Antonyms would therefore include fruitfulness and usefulness.

In the context of futility as pointlessness or impossibility, antonyms of the same form might include feasibility, possibility, or viability.

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Q: What is an antonym for futility?
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What is a sentence with futility in it?

The futility of the attempt was painfully obvious.

What rhymes with futility?

utility rhymes with futility.

How do you use futility in a sentence?

"I am devastated by the futility of answering a question like this."

Is the word futility in the Bible?

No. The word "futility" does not appear in the KJV bible.

What does futility mean?

Futility means useless. examples: the quality of being useless. : a trifle or frivolity: the large collection of futility that clutter our minds.

How can you used the word futility in a sentence?

I was unable to recognize the futility of my best efforts.

How do you use futility and a sentence?

Trying to teach some people rules of behavior is an exercise in futility .

What is an example sentence using the word futility?

Dad has smoked for over thirty years and urging him to quit is an exercise in futility.

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pointlessness or uselessness

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it is a poem that is not funny and has no tone

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What is the opposite of the word futility?

Hopefully, positively,

What is the significance of the GREEN table?

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