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Indivisua is the antonym as succession mean chain or sequence

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What is the antonym for the word succession?


What is the antonym of synonym?

The antonym for synonym is antonym. Antonym is the word that is opposite of synonym.Antonym IS the antonym of synonym

Is Secondary succession can happen after primary succession or independently of primary succession?

Secondary succession can happy after primary succession . Secondary can be independent but is not usually independent from primary succession.

Does the word antonym have an antonym?

Synonym is the antonym of antonym.

Name the four stages of primary succession?

primary succession, ecological succession, substrate, and secondary succession

What is the antonym of allegory?

the antonym of allegory is no antonym

What are the two types of ecological succession?

- `Primary succession & Secondary succession '.

What are two types of succession?

Primary Succession and Secondary Succession

Examples of antonym?

Up is the antonym of down. Left is the antonym of right. Go is the antonym of come. Forward is the antonym of backward.

What is the Difference between administrated succession and regular succession?

what's d diference btw administered succession and regular succession?

What is the difference between succession and slow succession?

Slow succession happens slow and Succession happens very fast. Simple!

What is antonym for synonym?

An antonym means "opposite". So an antonym for the word synonym is antonym.

Is a volcanic eruption secondary succession or primary succession?

It's primary succession!

What would be followed by secondary succession?

Primary succession. Follow the answer to "What is secondary succession?".

What is an antonym for 'from'?

The antonym for from is to. Because antonym means opposite.

What is an antonym of interdependence?

What is the antonym of interdependence. What is the antonym of interdependence.

What is an antonym for veranda?

what is an antonym for veranda?what is an antonym for veranda?

Sentence for succession?

i was succession when i tired

List the steps of ecological succession?

It is important to know the stages of ecological succession. These are primary succession, secondary succession, and Climax community .

What is the antonym for when?

now ____________ The word when does not have an antonym. Not every word has an antonym.

What is antonym of the word synonym?

The antonym of the word 'synonym' is 'antonym'.

What are examples of primary succession in the tundra?

according to my research ecological succession and biological succession of plant life is the two primary succession in tundra.

Is urge a antonym?

An antonym is a word that means the opposite of something else. So no, urge is not an antonym. It has antonyms, and it is the antonym of other words, but it is not, in itself, an antonym.

Does succession end?

no succession never stops

What happens when something interrupts the process of succession?

Once the succession is destroyed it becomes a secondary succession