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What is an authoritarian vs non authoritarian approach to American education?

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I would say an authoritative approach would be to brainwash kids into believing certain things and a less authoritative approach would be to give kids right information and to let them think what they want

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What has the author Richard H Quay written?

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What is directive and non-directive approach to rural development?

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What is the Difference between informal and non formal education?

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Differentiate directive approach to non-directive approach?

Directive approach: * Questions planned in detail * Little spontaneity * Stresses interviewee Non-directive approach: * Broad plan of key questions * Spontaneous follow-ups and probes * Less stress on interviewee

What are the advantages of non directive approach?

one among the advantage of non directive approach is provide knowledge to the intended society that certain project oparated take place this was due to the fact that non directive approach envolve local people in the area that project take action.

What education is necessary for entry level job as a veterinarian?

You need to have either a DVM or VMD (if you are a graduate from an American College of Veterinary Medicine) or an equivalent degree from a non-American CVM.

What is a non-military approach to expansion?


Is there a non profit organization to help you reduce debt?

There are several non-profit organizations to help reduce debt. American Financial Solutions if one non-profit company that provides free credit counseling and financial education.

Schand a modern approach to verbal and non-verbal reasoning?

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What is the difference between technical and non technical education?

Tecnical education involves computers and ect., but non tecnical is the oppisite.

Do you prefer non formal education to formal education?

I prefer non formal education as it gives more room for creativity and brain stimulation. Formal education often stifles this and can have negative side effects.

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What does non-fromal education mean?

I think you mean NON-FORMAL. Formal education is what you think of when you think of school. Non-formal would be education learned on the job, or out in "real life." Sometimes people can learn as much in a non-formal setting, but usually a formal education produces a more educated, well-rounded person.

What was the contribution of Horace Mann to the American experience?

Horace Mann believed that teachers should be trained, all citizens deserve an education, and education should be paid for by the government. He also advocated for non-corporal punishments in the school.

What has the author Saraswathi Balasubramaniam written?

Saraswathi Balasubramaniam has written: 'Patterns of non-formal education at the university level in India, U.K., U.S.A., and U.S.S.R' -- subject(s): Comparative education, Distance education, Non-formal education

Who did King admire and model his approach to non-violence after?


Do all the best government jobs require school?

The U.S. Federal Government uses a job level approach that allows for the hiring of personnel with any level of education, including non high school graduates. The job level increases by increments of further education, so the highest paid positions would be relative to the amount of education a person has achieved.

What is the directive approach of community organization?

what is directive and non directive approach in community organisation and development . please send me full detail thanks

What is non-representational art?

Art that does not represent something in its actual form, rather a tweeked non realistic approach.

Is physical education academic?

Physically Education is Non-Academic. While you may have to study about the History and Rules of different Sports & Games, it is a Non-Academic Subject.

A publishing division approach to non-US operations is termed as what?


What is the meaning of A non-judgemental approach?

not to judge any to any thing

What is a non-secular education?

A religious school.