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This is a "reflex" or "reflexive action"

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What is the difference between a positive and negative response in biology?

A positive response is when a response happens to a stimuli, and this response causes more of the stimuli to happen. A negative response is when a response happens because of a stimuli, and the response stops the continuation of the stimuli.

What is response to stimuli?

Stimuli is any change to a living things environment. An example would be: Stimuli: You get hungry. Response: You eat.

How do animal response to stimuli?

It respond to stimuli, by its own life.

What is respond to stimuli?

Response to stimuli refers to a response to outside stimuli such as a noise or a smell. It is a term that refers to an organisms ability to respond to the outside environment.

What is the opposite of stimuli?


What is response stimuli?

It is when there is something that is affecting you and your reaction to it. It is the kind of same as a cause and effect. For example when I am cold, that is a cause also a stimuli, and response is that I shiver. My response and effect.

What is an automatic nerve response?

A reflex is an automatic nerve response.

An organism reacts to a stimuli with a?


How does an amoeba response to stimuli?


What is a stimuli and a response?

A stimuli is a change in the environment, which the organism can detect.The response is what the organism does because of the stimuli.EXAMPLE: You accidentally place your hand in boiling water.Stimuli: Temperature in your hands sky rocket to dangerous levels than can damage you.Response: You quickly pull your hand out of the boiling water.

What is the automatic response of the body called?

An automatic response to the environment is a reflex

How do Muscles respond to stimuli?

when you are hit (stimuli) your muscles in that area will contract or harden (response)

What is the response to stimuli?

prince fielder rocks

What is always the basis of behavior?

response to stimuli

What are the actions of organisms in response to stimuli?


What do you call a plant's response to stimuli?


What is Reflex and instinct?

Reflex - is an automatic response that happens at the subconscious level Instinct - is a type of behaviour that is reflexive in nature, relying on un-learnt responses to given stimuli

What is a conditioned behavior?

Conditioned behaviour is usually a trained response to certain situations or stimuli that becomes virtually automatic. Try reading House of Stairs by William Sleator.

What is the difference between instincts and a conscious?

"Instinct" is an inborn automatic response to environmental stimuli. "Conscious" pertains to noticing an environtmental event through controlled thought or observations.

What is a ipsilateral reflex arc?

response to stimuli occurs on the same side of the body that is stimulated response to stimuli occurs on the same side of the body that is stimulated

Are reflexes rapid automatic responses to stimuli?


What is a response that feeds back to reverse the changes caused by the original stimulus?

Negative feedback is the response to changes in stimuli that reverts the change back to the normal stimuli.

What reflex response does your body show to the following stimuli in object in the noes?

The reflex response that a body shows in response to stimuli of an object in the nose is a sneeze. A sneeze is used to forcefully clear objects from the nose.

Is perspiring a characteristics of life?

Perspiring is an example of one of the characteristics of life. "Response to Stimuli" is said characteristic. It is when an organism triggers a response to its surrounding environment or conditions. Perspiration, or sweat, is a response to nervous stimuli - specifically heat stimuli. So when you feel very hot due to your environment or conditions, you start sweating in response to it.

What does internal stimuli mean?

Response to what happens inside you