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It's a line level input that accepts audio source signals such as those from an mp3 player, iPod iPhone, or any portable audio source etc so that you can hear them.

hardware to hardware in. plug one end into the aux jack on the Oem stereo, and the other into the portable audio device and you'll get way better sound quality than if using an FM transmitter,

auxiliary interfaces are not tape adapters FM transmitters or FM modulator, there is nothing wireless about them, that means the signal isn't getting degraded by the process of sending it to your car radio

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Q: What is an auxiliary audio input jack?
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Where is the auxiliary audio input jack in 2004 acura tl?

there is non

Where is the auxiliary audio input jack in a 2008 Toyota prado grande?

The auxiliary audio input jack for a 2008 Toyota Prado Grande is located inside the top half of the glovebox. On the righthand side, there will be a small rectangle flap with AUX on it.

Is auxiliary input the same as audio input?

Yes an auxiliary input is the same as audio input , aux input this port allows you to input audio from any portable audio source into the radio stereo

Where is the auxiliary audio input jack for the Toyota sienna?

Toyota sienna radios have the aux or disc button on the radio, they also have the plug for the auxiliary audio input interface behind the Toyota radio but it is not in the vehicle the audio input interface needs to install into the vehicle, depending on the year of your vehicle if older you need the toy-aux or if newer Toyota you will need the toy03-aux this are the Toyota audio input interface part numbers, or you can go to yahoo search and look for ( Toyota auxiliary input )

What is an Auxiliary audio input?

Simply put, it is an "extra" audio input that allows a device to accept the audio signal from an external audio player.

Where is the auxiliary audio input jack located?

The axillary audio in put on a car radio is usually in the front of the radio face. It could be on a pigtail, on the back of the radio on occasion. If it is not in these two places, then the radio does not have an input.

Where is the audio auxiliary input jack in a 2008 Infiniti EX35?

Doesn't have one. Only compact flash and ipod inputs.

Does audio out jack connect to auxiliary in?


Where is the auxiliary input jack in a Mitsubishi Outlander Sport ES?

The main auxiliary input jack, in a Mitsubishi outlander sport ES, is located next to the radio. The auxiliary input jack in the rear seat is located in the back of the center counsel.

Is there a auxiliary input jack on 2007 ford escape?

No, it does not

Why CD player audio called auxiliary audio?

Some stereosets have auxiliary input where you can connect for example a vinyl player or a computer soundcard.

Can you add an auxiliary input to a portable radio?

I was wondering the same thing. Does anyone know if changing your am/fm/cd selector switch to a 4 position switch (the 4th being aux. input) would work? Yes you can add auxiliary audio input to any stereo but you will need to solder a 5 pin aux 3.5 jack into the radio board before the radio preamp after the FM output, there are 2 cables for audio in 2 cables for audio out and 1 for ground, when you insert the headphone style jack the 5 pin aux jack will stop the audio from the FM and play the audio from the external source

What is an auxiliary video input jack?

For cars with a video screen for DVDs etc there may be an input jack to add an alternative video signal to the screen. Likely this will be RCA ports (yellow and two audio ports coloured white=left and red=right).

How audio input Jack covert to audio output jack?

If I understand the question, you are trying to intertwine different functions. Like your ears, the audio input jack receives an audio source, while the audio output jack transmits outputs audio content - similar to your mouth. If you are trying to redirect the input audio directly to the audio output port you will need a "passthru" (aka monitor) function. -P2E

Where is the auxiliary input jack Chevy Trailblazer 2003?

Where is the input aux for a 2003 trailblazer

Is there a way to convert a headphone jack on a radio into an auxiliary input?


Why isn't our audio receiver sending out sound to our tv from an audio jack?

The AUDIO jack on the TV is a OUTPUT. The sound comes out of the TV to send the sound (audio) to the Audio Receiver Aux INPUT jack.

What is an auxiliary input jack?

It's the socket where you can plug in another audio source, like an MP3 player, radio tuner, iPod, tape machine, etc. It's a low level audio signal that needs amplifying.

What is an audio input?

Audio input is bringing sound signals into a device from another device, typically using a plug or jack.

Where is the auxiliary video input jack in a Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SE with Navigation Pkg?

When you press the Open button, the screen will come to a horizontal position. If you look at the front edge of the faceplate, you will see the auxiliary input jack.

Where is the aux input on a 2004 Chevrolet Impala LS?

The 2004 Impala LS does not come with an auxiliary input jack.

How many watts in the speakers for a Honda Civic 2006?

Civic Sedan/Coupe DX: No Radio, pre-wired with four speakers Civic Sedan LX: 160-watt, four speakers, CD Civic Coupe LX: 160-watt, six speakers, CD, auxiliary input jack, CD text and "welcome" screen Civic Hybrid/Sedan EX: 160-watt, six speakers, CD, auxiliary input jack Civic Hybrid/Sedan EX with navigation: 160-watt, six speakers, CD, auxiliary input jack, digital audio card reader Civic Si/Coupe EX: 350-watt, seven speakers with subwoofer, CD, auxiliary input jack, CD text and "welcome" screen Civic Si/Coupe EX with navigation: 350-watt, seven speakers with subwoofer, CD, auxiliary input jack, CD text and "welcome" screen, digital audio card reader

Which Hondas have auxiliary audio input jacks?

Most Honda Radios from 2007 and up come with the auxiliary input jack somewhere in the dash, vehicles from 2003 and up comes with the AUX button on the radio but no way to connect anything because there is no jack in dashThe good news is that almost all Honda radios from 1995 and up are capable of doing this, there are adapters made for Honda radios these plug into the back of the Radio using the external CD changer plug or the XM satellite new vehicles you can use the rear DVD port to add auxiliary audio inputfrom any portable audio device ( This are not FM modulator or transmitters )To find the correct adapter just do a search on any search engine forHonda Auxiliary Input Converter

Where is the auxiliary audio input jack in a 2000 grand am?

Most, if not all, of these radio do NOT have an aux input. After market car audio shops will have a device that will plug into the antenna jack so that you can tune in your MP3 player via the radio.This antenna adapter has much better reception than the average FM Transmitter.FM is one idea but the sound quality is not that good, there is nothing better thandigital audio directly into the Pontiac radio preampMost Pontiac radios come with a source or aux button this is for the external CD changer or auxiliary audio input. If you look on the back side of the radio there is a free 9 pin plug you need a GM9-AUXsearch on any search engine forPontiac Auxiliary Input Converters

Is an audio Jack the same as a speaker jack?

If it is an audio-output jack, then yes. If it is input, it can be used for a microphone. You can test this by trying headphones or speakers on the jack, this won't damage anything on