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What is an aviary?


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An Aviary is a large confinement for birds that simulates their natural environment. They are widely used at zoos.


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An aviary is a house or cage for birds.

The duration of The Aviary is 1.42 hours.

Peacocks and other birds are housed in the aviary at the zoo.

yeah parakeets can live in a out door aviary.

to me aviary birds but that's just to me its no fact.

An aviary is a large enclosure for confining birds. For more info visit Hope this helps! XXX LOL

Bees are kept in an apiary,and birds are kept in an aviary.

Aviary is a word derived from the Latin root Ave meaning bird.

No more than the animal world really, I have an aviary with 17 birds.

Aviary Blues - 2013 was released on: USA: July 2013

A place to keep many birds is called an aviary

Yes, the noun 'aviary' is a concrete noun, a word for an enclosure in which birds are kept; a word for a physical thing.

The address of the National Aviary In Pittsburgh is: Allegheny Commons West, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

On average, from 1 to 1.2 meters. This is from 39 to 47 inches. Source: The Raven's Aviary ( )

No. Birds live in an aviary, but platypuses do not. Platypuses are not domestic animals, but wild. They live in burrows they dig in the banks of creeks and rivers.

If your budgies are used to being indoors, and if you do not live in a warm climate, they should not be moved to an aviary. Cold winters are deadly for budgies.

aviaryAnswer 2:An animal's resting place is called it's den or lair. An aviary is a cage where birds are kept in captivity.

An aviary is a very large bird cage. It is used to study the behavior of birds of flight in a (hopefully) natural environment, but one in which they cannot escape. The aviary also, in many cases, allows the general public to view birds for their own enjoyment and learning. A bird confined within an aviary is an ambassador to other races. Aviaries are built with the hope to promote science and public education.

The word you are seeking is aviary.

If they are stressed, particularly in an aviary, they can and do.

Birds live in an aviary.

At the zoo: Fish live in an aquarium (water tank). Lizards live in a terrarium (earth tank). Birds live in an aviary (big cage for birds).

The word I associate with a place where birds are kept is normally called an aviary. A big aviary may also be called a Zoo.

No, but they may fight with other birds in the aviary. We breed our Fischer Lovebirds in and Aviary, this is called colony breeding. You must provide three nest boxes for every two pairs in the aviary and place them as far enough as possible to prevent fighting.

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