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A court hearing held to determine how much, if any, bail is to be set for someone's release.

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Q: What is an bond arraignment?
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Can you get arrested at arraignment if your already on bond?

Yes,you can trust me

Can you get a bond at your arraignment if you have already been indited?

No you can't do that

Is there a time limit for arraignment while on bond in mi?

Six years.

Can you have a bond arraignment if you were never arrested?

No. Legally impossible. If you were never taken into custody and held, you have no need to be released on bond.

Can you go to a bond arraignment without a lawyer?

Not a good idea. The lawyer can negotiate it better than you can.

Should a person charged with a felony have to pay a bail bond as well as an arraignment bond?

More would have to be known about the situation. HOWEVER - it SEEMS that, if the defendant was released on an arraignment bond and was subsequently indicted, officially charged, and the court process begun, then the arraignment bond would be subjugated to an appearance bond, but state laws may vary on this, and there may be more than just one charge against the defendant in play here. Not enough information is being disclosed. As far as expenses charged by a bailbondsman for supplying these services, you would have to speak with the bailbondsman to get a clearer picture.

What is length of time a person can be held without a bond?

Unless the accused waives arraignment, seventy-two hours.

What is an order for arraignment?

what is an arraignment order

Does the hearing or arraignment come first?


Phases of how a criminal case moves through the court system beginning with an investigation phase and ending in the sentencing phase?

Investigation > Arrest > Booking > Arraignment > Bond hearing (note: sometimes the arraignment and bond hearing are held simultaneously) > Preliminary hearing(s) > Jury Selection > Trial > Jury Deliberation > Verdict > Sentencing.

How do you use arraignment in a sentence?

He's up for arraignment tomorrow.

What does arraignment disposed mean?

A disposed arraignment is an arraignment that has been waived. What soon follows is a preliminary hearing where s sentenced is reached.

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