What is an eastern ruler called?

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In austria what is a ruler called?

a ruler is called "Fürst"

What is an egyptian ruler called?

A egept ruler is called a Pharaoh

What is an Islamic ruler is called?

An Islamic ruler would be called a caliph.

What is a ruler with no markings on it called?

Called a straight edge

Who is the middle eastern ruler?

If its the answer to the DT crossword you're after, the answer is ... emir.

What is a Ruler of an empire?

A ruler of a empire is called an emperor.

What is a ruler called in French?

A ruler is called 'une règle' (fem.) in French.

Is there a monarchy from eastern europe?

The closest to a monarchy from eastern Europe is Liechenstein. It is on the border of eastern and western Europe. Prince Alois has been ruler of the country since 1989.

A ruler who has absolute power and authority?

This kind of ruler is called a dictator or authoritarian.

Who is the ruler of Kuwait?

The ruler is called an Amir and the Amir today is Subah

What is countries with one ruler called?

If the ruler is a dictator, it is known as a dictatorship.

Why Muhammad Bin Qasim was a popular ruler?

Muhammad BIn Qasim Was A Famous Ruler Because At The Age Of 17 He Was The Cammander Of The Team Of Eastern Arab

What was king called before it was called king?

he was called the ruler

What middle eastern country's name includes the name of their first ruler?

Saudi Arabia

What is a Metric ruler vs us RULER?

A metric ruler is a piece of wood or plastic, marked at millimetre intervals.The US ruler is called the president.

The absolute ruler of ancient Egypt was called the?

The absolute ruler of Egypt was the Pharaoh.

Why is a ruler called a ruler?

Because he rules People "rule" lines - Wikipedia

What word means an unjust ruler?

An unjust ruler might be called a tyrant.

What do you call ruler in French?

a ruler is called 'une règle' (fem.) in French

Ruler with unlimited power?

A ruler with unlimited power is commonly called a dictator.

How long is a metric ruler?

A metric ruler is 30 cm in length. This type of ruler is commonly called a metric foot ruler because it is similar in length to a one foot ruler.

What kind of ruler has absolute power?

A ruler who has absolute power can be called a dictator or despot.

What do you call an Islamic ruler?

There is no ruler of Islam, it is a religion. the head may be called a caliph.

What is the husband or wife of a ruler called?

Term 'CONSORT' can be husband or wife of a ruler

What was the ruler of the Ottoman Empire called?

The Ottoman Empire was a Sultanate. Thus, the ruler was the sultan.