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What is an easy way to learn English?

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  1. to choose to have parents whose first language is English, and
  2. to live with them in a country where English is the national language, and
  3. to mix mainly with English-speaking people.

The advantages of this method are (i) it costs nothing (ii) you can learn in your own home and from people you know and who know you, and (iii) you will have ample opportunities to practice your English with native speakers of English.

IF YOUR MOTHER-TONGUE IS NOT ENGLISH, and you are unfamiliar with English, it is not going to be easy to learn English, whatever method you use.

To some extent, it all depends on what time you have, how good you are at studying, and what opportunities you have to be exposed to the English language and to talk to English-speaking people.

Some ways to learn:

  • Live in an English-speaking country and only mix with English-speaking people.
    • This will be hard at first, and it takes time. But within a year you should have acquired a very good working knowledge of English.
  • Get (buy?) a language course, one that is 'interactive' so that you can practice your pronunciation and what you will learn.
    • This takes a lot of dedication and motivation. You MUST do at least 30 minutes of language learning every day.
  • Have English lessons, preferably in an English-speaking country.
  • Get an English tutor. If the tutor can also arrange for you to meet and interact with other students from other countries AND with native-English speakers, this will help you a lot.

LEARNING ANOTHER LANGUAGE is not easy. But with good motivation, hard work and plenty of practice, you will be surprised to find that it is NOT IMPOSSIBLE!

... In fact, you might even enjoy it!

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There is no easy way - study hard, read, mark, learn and inwardly digest

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no because im french and it took me two weeks to learn English

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The best way to learn American English is to live in the states. When you are surrounded in American culture you will learn the language quicker.

How do native English speakers learn English?

The same way non-native English speakers learn their language.

How can you learn English fast and easy?

No languages are fast and easy to learn, but if you work hard, have a good teacher, and practice English every day, you will learn much faster. I suggest making a friend online with someone who speaks English, and talk to them often. Read English books, and take an English class or online course.Very Easy. If you have a free time. You could find a book about English or research it on the Internet or even listen to your English teacher.

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Learning English can be fun and easy. Programs like Rosetta Stone are easy to use programs that teach any language you would like to learn and have had great reviews from users.

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Well, that depends on how your gonna learn, English is my 3rd language, and it was easy for me because i learned by listening to English, cz i live in America, but i was fluent in English after about 6 months of being in America. so hope that answered your question!

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