Best Answer Global Positioning System (GPS) Concise Encyclopedia Article Page Precise satellite-based navigation and location system originally developed for U.S. military use. GPS is a fleet of more than 24 communications satellites that transmit signals globally around the clock. With a GPS receiver, one can quickly and accurately determine the latitude, the longitude, and in most cases the altitude of a point on or above Earth's surface. A single GPS receiver can find its own position in seconds from GPS satellite signals to an accuracy of one metre; accuracy within one centimetre can be achieved with sophisticated military-specification receivers. This capability has reduced the cost of acquiring spatial data for making maps while increasing cartographic accuracy. Other applications include measuring the movement of polar ice sheets or even finding the best automobile route between given points. Review of handheld GPS'

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Q: What is an electronic global positioning system?
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What is 'global positioning system' in Spanish?

"Sistema de posicionamiento global" is a Spanish equivalent of "global positioning system."

What is the Global positioning system?

The global positioning system is the network of satellites that orbit earth that gives us GPS

The global positioning system is used to?

A global positioning system (GPS) is used to measure distances from one place to another.

What can Global Positioning System do?

you can navigate...

How Is A Global Positioning System Helpful?

global positioning system helps us to find where we are on earth. in short it is also called (GPS)

Why was the global positioning system invented?

The global positioning system was invented as a military tool for use in combat operations. It then expanded to regular society.

What is global positioning systems?

A global positioning system is a system to help navigate where you are on the planet. It is guided by satellites and works in any type of weather.

When was the Global Positioning System first developed?

During the 1970s, the Global Positioning System satellite network first came under development.

The global positioning system is a network of satellite plus?

The global positioning system is a network of 24 satellites plus ground based receivers.

What means GPS navigation?

Global Positioning Satellite. Actually it is Global Positioning System. but it is virtually the same thing.

What do mean by GPS?

Global Positioning System

What is the acronym for GPS?

Global Positioning System

What is GPS stands for?

Global Positioning System

How accurate is the Global Positioning System?


When was the global positioning system patented?


What is the fullform of GPS?

Global Positioning System

What does GPS stand for?

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based system for accurate location of points on the Earth.

What does the G in GPS represent?

G stand for Global (Global Positioning System)

Disadvantages of global positioning system?

Loss of battery.


it was invented in 1993

Full form of GPS?

global positioning system

What is the meaning of GPS?

GPS: global positioning system

Who invented the global positioning system?

u.s. military.

What is the object that tracks where you are?

GPS (Global Positioning System)

What does term GPS mean?

Global Positioning System