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What is an epidemic and a pandemic?

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Epidemic means the spread of disease at the city or country level, while Pandemic is the spread at the continental level.

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Q: What is an epidemic and a pandemic?
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Is malaria an epidemic pandemic or endemic?

Epidemic Pandemic

Is cancer pandemic or epidemic?


Is Leprosy a Pandemic or an Epidemic?

leprosy is a pandemic disease

Is Lyme Disease endemic epidemic or pandemic?


Is MRSA a pandemic?

No it is Epidemic

Is aids a plague pandemic or epidemic?

AIDS is a pandemic, as it is worldwide

Was the black death epidemic or pandemic?

The black death was epidemic.

Was aids considered epidemic or pandemic?

AIDS has been considered a pandemic.

Is rotavirus pandemic?

no, it is an epidemic only.

What is a widespread epidemic called?


What is a word for epidemic sickness?


Is Ebola a pandemic or a epidemic?

Ebola would be an epidemic. The difference between a pandemic and an epidemic is the population size and locality of infection. An epidemic is a greater than normal amount of infection in a particular area or when infection occurs in an area that isn't normally associated with a certain disease. A pandemic is when the epidemic reaches to world wide proportions.

What is the difference between epidemic and pandemic?

pandemic is (a disease) prevalent to a whole country or world whereas epidemic is specific to a community at a certain time.

What is the medical term meaning global epidemic?

Pandemic means global epidemic.

What is a pandemic?

A pandemic is a widespread epidemic - which hits a wide geographical area and affects a large amount of the population.

What is a sentence for PANDEMIC?

Pandemic: A fast spreading disease or epidemic The pandemic wiped out the entire country in 2 weeks.

What rhymes with pandemic?

epidemic, academic, nonacademic

Is HIV an epidemic or a pandemic?

HIV infection in humans is considered pandemic by WHO.Source: Wiki

The word epidemic in a sentence?

Preventing an epidemic from going pandemic is crucial to order in the city.

What if An epidemic that becomes very widespread is called?

If an epidemic becomes widespread, it becomes a pandemic.

What epidemic occurred in 1919?

The epidemic that occurred in 1919 is the Influenza Pandemic and is sometimes called The Great Pandemic because it infected 500 million people and 100 million of them died.

Is the Swine Flu epidemic?

Yes. An epidemic refers to a disproportionatly large population infected with the same disease. A pandemic is a globally infectious disease that started as an epidemic. The World Health Orginization is currently categorizing this as an epidemic, but plans to upgrage the threat to that of pandemic proportions are coming soon.

What are the similarities between pandemic and epidemic?

DIFFERENCES -An epidemic is the outbreak of a disease in a small region, with the figures being larger than expected in the area -A pandemic is an epidemic on a global scale -An epidemic is specific to a certain time SIMILARITIES -Both are the spread of disease/infection at an unusual scale

When was the syphilis pandemic?

An epidemic was reported in China in 2007-whether it could also be described as a pandemic, I don't know.

What questions must scientist answer to fully understand the 1918 flu pandemic?

Is it a the flu epidemic or flu pandemic