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What is an equilateral rectangle not a square?


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because squares and rectangles are not the same because squares and rectangles are not the same

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a square - an equilateral square a rectangle - an equilateral rectangle

a square is but not a rectangle

The rectangle which is equilateral is called as square.

An equilateral rectangle is a square.

A rectangle is not always equilateral, although it is always equiangular. A rhombus is not always equiangular, but is always equilateral. A square is both equilateral and equiangular.

the answer to this question is a square

A rectangle is not always equilateral. A square and a rhombus both have four equal sides.

a square is a special type of rectangle. A square is an equilateral and not a rectangle.a square is a special type of rectangle and is an equillattreal

A rectangle is equilateral only when it is a square. So, no.

"equilateral" is a fancy word meaning "has all sides equal". Such a rectangle is called a square.

A rhombus cannot be a square. A rectangle is an equiangular parallelogram. A rhombus is an equilateral parallelogram. A square is an equilateral and equiangular parallelogram. Thus, a square is both a rectangle and a rhombus.

A square has all four equilateral sides, whereas a rectangle has two sets opposite sides that are congruent. A rectangle can be a square, but a square can not be a rectangle.

No, a square is an equilateral quadrilateral.

A square is an equilateral rectangle or an equiangular rhombus or a regular quadrilateral.

square, rectangle, quadrilateral, polygon, parallelogram, equilateral

A square is a rectangle, a rhombus, an equilateral parallelogram, and a regular quadrilateral.

Equilateral triangle, rectangle, square

If, by recangle, the question refers to rectangle, the answer is a square.

Not necissarily. Quadrilateral simply says it has 4 sides. A rectangle has perpendicular sides. Equilateral means that the sides are of equal length (like a square, which is a special case rectangle)

It's a square. A rectangle is any polygon with two pairs pf parallel sides all intersecting at perpendicular angles. It's diagonals are also congruent. This is also true with a square. So, a square could also be considered a rectangle. The only difference is that a square's sides all have to be the same length, and a rectangle's doesn't. 'Equilateral' means all the sides are equal. Therefore, an equilateral rectangle is a square.

An equilateral triangle, a square, a rectangle, an octagon.

Only if all the faces (sides) are the same length. A rhombus is the equilateral version of a parallelogram, just like a square is the equilateral version of a rectangle.

it cant all sides have to be equilateral edit- a rectangle cannot be a square. however, a square can be a rectangle. reedit - A rectangle can be a square, however, a square must be a rectangle. A rectangle has four 90 degree angles, which a square also has. The rectangle has two pairs of equal length sides, which a square also has. The only additional requirement for a square is that the length of all four sides be equal, which is not ruled out for a rectangle.

No, only some rectangles are squares. For a rectangle to be a square, all sides must be equal (the rectangle must be equilateral). Only the equilateral rectangles are squares, but every square is a rectangle. In short, the squares are a subset of rectangles in which all four sides are equal in length. Some rectangles are squares, and all squares are rectangles.

regular means equilateral and equiangular ... so its a square pretty much

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