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The Scopes Monkey Trial would be great!!

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Q: What is an example of a diplomatic action?
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The word protocol is often used to describe diplomatic relationsgive an example of a diplomatic protocol?

Good manners are an example of a diplomatic protocol. Diplomatic protocols are often implied and unwritten and are used to build relationships between countries.

Which diplomatic style most promoted military action?

The Big Stick ideology promoted military action most.

Establishing diplomatic relations is an example of this type of power?

Inherent Power

Give an example demonstrating the ability to be tactful and diplomatic as required?

tact and diplomacy

Example of an introduction in narrative report?

"This narrative report talks about the Israel's diplomatic policy" is an example of an introduction in a narrative report.

What is an example for action?

An example for action is running,jumping, and other motions.

Is the fundamental of joint warfare that is fulfilled by the effective use of diplomatic economic military and informational instruments of power.?

Freedom of action (NKO)

Two sentences with the word diplomatic?

diplomatic relations are not so good. There must be a diplomatic solution.

Is the action of a macrophage an example of endocytosis?

Yes. The action of a macrophage an example of Phagocytosis, which is a part of Endocytosis

Was Marco Polo a diplomatic?

A diplomatic what?

What part of speech is diplomatic?

Diplomatic is an adjective.

What is the meaning of Diplomatic approach?

an approach that is diplomatic.