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The Golden Jackal and the Black-Tailed Jackrabbit.

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What is Yosemite's biome?

The Biome Is Chapparal

How are the plants in a chaparral biome similar to the plants in a Mediterranean biome?

The mediterranean is the same as chapparal

What biome is also called the Mediterranean?

The Chaparral Biome is also called the Mediterranean. The Chapparal Biome has different types of terrain, along with different names depending on the location.

What is an example of a predator prey relationship in the grassland biome and a example of a competitive relationship?

Jerry Sandusky

What is an example of a competitive relationship in a freshwater biome?


In some parts of the world the chapparal biome is best represented by evergreen shrubs that are able to survive the destructive forces of floods?


What resources come from chaparral biome?

The chapparal biome is hot and dry. Fires and droughts are common. Many type of commercially important plants come from this biome. Some of them include eucalyptus, yucca, Minerals and precious metals may also be present.

What is an example of a predator-prey relationship in the Taiga biome?

American Black Bear and a fish.

What is a predator prey relationship in the Marine Biome?

One example is a shark going after smaller fish.

What is the relationship between an ecosyatem and a biome?

An ecosystem is a biome.

Which phrase is an example of a biome?


What is an example of ecological relationship in grassland biome?

i pretend to be an idoit like these other people it depends on my food...and the relationship with the ants and the hippos make a aelle.

What is an example of symbiosis in the Grassland biome?

an allele and a ant have an symbiotic relationship because nutrients from the tree can help the ant colont

What is the relationship between an ecosystem and a biome?

The ecosystem of a region IS the biome. A biome is collections of different kinds of ecosystem. Hopes this help :D

A desert is an example of what?

A desert is an example of a biome.

What is a sentence for the term biome?

The desert is an example of a biome.This is a rainforest biome.

What is the symbiotic relationship in the savannah biome?

There are several symbiotic relationships in the savanna biome. For example, cattle egrets eat the insects that the cattle disturb when they eat grass. Bacteria live in the stomachs of giraffes to help them digest food.

What is an example of a biome in Staten Island?

We live in a Temperate Dedicuous Forest Biome

What are some symbiotic relationships of the chaparral biome?

A symbiotic relationship is between a bee and a flower. An example of commensalism would be the Red-Winged Blackbird and a Torrey pine An example of mutualism would be lichen

What is the polar biome?

A polar biome is a region of the earth covered in ice. The Arctic tundra is one example of a polar biome.

What is a symbiotic relationship in the lake biome?

The hydra species and Green Algae are an example of a symbiotic relationship. The Algae gets nutrients from the Hydra (nitrogen Source), and the Hydra gets the products of photosynthesis and has better growth performance.

An example of a biome?

An example of a biome is an aquatic biome. Oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, swamps, glades, and marshes are some of the bodies of water or wetlands that make up the Earth's aquatic biomes.

What is a type of biome with little rainfall?

The desert is a very good example of a biome with little rainfall.

What is a continental biome?

A continental biome is a biome located on land. A biome is a fairly large area of land or sea floor that has the same animal species, vegetation, and climate. An example of a continental biome would be the desert.

What is an example of mutualism in the desert biome?

An example of mutualism in a desert biome is the desert is the relationship between Saguaro cacti and the Gila woodpecker. This bird finds food like parasites and insects on the cactus. It also nests on cacti. While the cacti provide food and shelter for this bird, the bird in turn helps cacti when it spreads pollen to other cacti. Mutualism refers to a relationship in which both parties benefit from their interaction.

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