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people living in disgusted areas having poor health.

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What are some examples of a environmental design process?

There are many examples of environmental design processes. For example, using recycled paper for paper cases is an example of an environmental design process.

What do polynesian designs mean?

"design" means how it is controlled or for example, I say boat "design" I mean how the boat was design and how we can use it.

Can you give you a sentence using experimental design?

The next car show will have an example of our experimental design.

Is this how you spell design?

Design is indeed the correct spelling, yes.Some example sentences are:She began to design a new book cover.She will design her own outfit for the wedding.We need to design a new teabag shape.This is a terrible design.

What is a cool way to make a design for a project?

There are plenty of ways to make a cool design to make a design for a project. You could splatter paint for example.

The rooster design is an example of?

how art can change cultural practices.

What is the best design for an earthquake proof building?

Here is an example Where?

What is pseundoscience?

Pseudoscience is false science. Intelligent design is an example of this.

Adobe Dreamweaver is an example of which software?

Web-design software.

Did Bill Gates design every video game system?

No, Bill Gates did not design every video game system. There are plenty that he didn't design. The Wii is one example of something that he didn't design.

Why do you need a design project?

There are many reasons why you might need to design a project. You might need to do this to demonstrate your creativity for example.

What is the meaning of design?

to create an art. Example: you make a shoes and you paint it with the name glee club that's what i callled design

What does aero nautical mean?

"Aeronautical" means "of or pertaining to air travel or airplanes" - for example, aeronautical design is the design of airplanes.

Who is the host on Design For Life?

There have been a number of hosts for Design For Life. They have been hosted at the Davidson Farmers Market and by ASID San Diego for example. They help with interior design.

It's design-is this correct?

No. Unless you were trying to say "It is design", that would be incorrect. If something possesses the design, then no apostrophe is included. An example would be, "I quite like that house for its design and spaciousness."

What is the difference between crafts and design?

design comes before craft.......say for example, a flower vase can be crafted only after designing it......

What Feathers wing and the hollow bones of birds are example of?

God's design!

What are the example title for thesis in system analysis and design?

point of sales

Example of pre-experimental design?

Pre-experimental design is the most simple form of research design. A group or multiple of groups are observed to something that should cause change in them.

Example of innovation?

There are hundreds of examples of innovation in the modern world. The new touch-screen design is considered innovative for example.

Can food be art?

YES !! for example you can design food on your plate& that's art (:

How do you price screen printing?

by the design and how complex it is and the size of the product, for example a banner. and if it was clothing it would depend on the purchase of the clothing items and complexity of the design

What is a font in Microsoft Word?

A font is a style or design of text. For example A, Z, 1 and 9 etc. You can change style, design, size of a font.

What is output design and output design in system design?

The output design during system design usually communicates all the important milestones and problems that arise during system testing. Output design proposes to the system; some remedies to various possibilities. For example, a system can print any error message that occurs and report it to an administrator.

Design steps of two way concrete slab with an example?

i want desisgn steps of two way concrete slab with an example

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