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Q: What is an example of a transmission absorption and reflection of sound?
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Write an Experiment to verify laws of reflection of sound?

the simple example is stethescope

What are four different things that can happen to the waves when they meet an obstacle?

In general waves can: Wrap around the obstacle. This happens when the wavelength is larger than obstacle size. Bounce back as an echo off the obstacle. This happens when the wavelength is shorter than the obstacle size. Be absorbed by the obstacle. This occurs when the natural frequency of the obstacle matches the frequency of the resonance. Pass through the obstacle. There are several ways this can happen. But visible light passing through a glass window is one example.

What is an abat-voix?

An abat-voix is a device used for reflection of sound, used as a sounding board, for example over a pulpit.

What is a Non-Example for the word Reflection?

A non-example of the word "reflection" would be an activity or concept that doesn't involve pondering, thinking deeply, or the physical process of light or sound waves bouncing off a surface. For example, playing soccer or painting a picture is not related to reflection. A non-example for the word "reflection" would be something that does not involve the act of reflecting or the phenomenon of light or sound waves bouncing back from a surface. For instance, running a marathon or baking a cake is a non-example of reflection.

How can we say that sound also follows the laws of reflection?

Sounds can be reflected, for example, from walls.

What is meant by the reflection of sound?

Reflection is the return of sound waves from surfaces on which they are incident.

What is the reflection of sound waves?

The reflection is vibration because sound is equal to vibration

How do light waves- transmitted reflected or absorbed explain?

Consider the mesh of matter and the wavelength of the light. In general the following is the pattern. TRANSMISSION:If the matter mesh is bigger than than the the wavelength of light there is transmission, e.g X-Rays thru matter. ABSORPTION: If the mesh is equal to the wavelength, there is absorption, e.g sunburn. REFLECTION:If the mesh is smaller than the wavelength, there is reflection, e.g Mesh screen antennas.

How can you hear a reflection?

Sound can be reflected off things - a reflection of sound is called an "echo" and can be heard.

Is there any relationship between sound frequency and sound absorption?

Yes - the amount of absorption can depend on the frequency.

Define transmission medium?

the substance that energy is transfered through. For example when you hear a sound the transmission medium is air.

What is absorption coefficients?

The sound absorption coefficient indicates how much of the sound is absorbed in the actual material.The absorption coefficient can be expressed as:α = Ia / Ii ………………….. (1)whereIa = sound intensity absorbed (W/m2)Ii = incident sound intensity (W/m2)absorption coefficient of materials varies from 0 to 1