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What is an example of alkane?

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methane, ethane, propane, hexane .... these are some of the famous alkanes

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a hydrocarbon joined only by single bonds apex

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What is an example of an alkane?

An alkane is a hydrocarbon with only SINGLE bonds. An example would be Butane, C4H10.

Is carbon monoxide an example of an alkane?

No. An alkane is a compound of carbon and hydrogen. Carbon monoxide consists of carbon and oxygen.

What example is for alkane?

methane ethane propane butane

What kind of hydrocarbon is butane?

it is an example of an alkane (with four carbon atoms)

Which molecule is propane?

It is an organic compound, a saturated hydrocarbon and an example of an alkane.

What is the difference between an alkane and an alkyl group?

An alkane is the class of single bonded hydrocarbon molecules. An alkyl group is an alkane but is treated like a substituent. It is usually missing one hydrogen. An example: CH4 methane -CH3 methyl

What is the fifth alkane?

the fifth alkane is pentane

Ethane with the chemical formula C2H6 is an example of?

An organic molecule An alkane A symmetric molecule

Is methane a alkane?

Methane is an alkane and has the formula CH4.

Is octane an alkane?

Octane is an alkane and has the formula C8H18.

Describe the polarity of alkane molecules?

Alkane molecules are nonpolar.

What is ethanoic acid a alkene or a alkane?

I'm pretty sure it is an Alkane.

Is methane an alkane or alkene?

Methane is an alkane. It has no double bonds which alkenes do have.

Is C14H28 an alkane formula?

No. The alkane would be C14H30 It's an alkene.

Is methane is the only alkane?

No, there are many alkanes; methane is the simplest alkane.

Is it possible for an alkane to be an isomer of an alkene?

Yes, if the alkane is cyclic and the alkene is not.

Is ethane an alkane?

Yes, ethane is the only 2-carbon alkane.

What is made when an alkane is cracked?

When an alkane is cracked, alkenes and shorter alkanes are produced.

Is Octane is seven carbon linear alkane?

No. Octane is an alkane but it has eight carbons.

Example of alkane?

methaneethanepropanebutanepentanehexaneheptanehexaneoctane**Ink and Paper**

Pharmaceutical uses of alkane?

The pharmaceutical use of alkane is often used in general anesthesia. Alkane is a compound of halothane which is a general anesthetic agent.

What is the formula for alkane?

The generic formula for a non cyclic alkane is CxH(2x + 2).

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