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Q: What is an example of creativity Ability to use the imagination to develope new ideas or things?
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What is the difference between creativity and inventiveness?

In creativity, you generate ideas including from imagination. For example, Thomas Edison had an imaginative idea for the light bulb. In inventiveness, you use the ideas and imagination to bring your 'idea' to life. For example, Thomas Edison created the light bulb.

Example of creativity in the journal?

Example of creativity in the journal

Is this how you spell imaginetion?

No, that is not right. There is no such word as "imaginetion" in the English language.The correct spelling is imagination.Some example sentences are:Authors are people with an overactive imagination and a love for writing.It was all in his imagination.My daughter's imagination is hilarious sometimes.

How does imagination affects your daily lives?

There are many ways in which imagination can affect daily lives. Imagination can lead to creative problem solving for example.

What games incorporate skills for starting school?

A good game for a young child would be any game that feeds their imagination. An example would be a dollhouse or playstage these could boost your childs imagination and creativity and improve their sensory and motor skills dependant on what you specifically do with those. Alternatively teaching them to read or word games that lead to that will boost their learning potential.

How do you use envy in a sentence?

Do you want an example? : "He envied my creativity."

Asking yourself what can i do to build a loyal customer base is a example of?


Exploring how indoor air pollutants lead to respiratory problems is an example of using biology to?

develope biotechnology

How Exploring indoor air pollutants lead to respiratory problems is an example of using biology to?

develope biotechnology

The Navajos us of Hopi ways was an example of their ability to?

the navajos use of hopi ways was an example of their ability to

Do romanticism emphasize imagination?

It actually depends. If the person that is showing the romanticism is being as creative as they can be, then yes it does emphasize imagination. If you don't think of an idea yourself, then you are not really showing emphasizing imagination. Like for example: Imagination: If i had created one myself like......... If you took them to an Olive Garden or something. Then that would be showing an amount of imagination. Pretty much if you think of an idea of your own, you are showing imagination. Non-Imagination: I saw a show on TV once that had the bachelor sky dive from an airplane and land on his knee to propose. If I did that, I would not be showing any Imagination at all.

What is a metaphor using the word creativity?

creativity is __________ - that space would have to be filled in with a nounex- her are eyes marblesTips: just be careful not to use like or as for example...ex- his eyes are as green like the grass beneath the treesHope this helped!