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Cotton was crucial to the economy of the south.

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Q: What is an example of crucial in a sentence?
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Can you start a sentence with knowing?

yes. an example of this is the following Knowing the crucial information sally called the FBI.

Is crucial an abstract noun?

crucial is an adverb. for example, crucial situation. it is no noun.

How you use the word crucial in a sentence?

The injury on her left bone is only crucial.

How can you write a sentence using the word crucial?

This assignment is crucial, to my teacher. I cannot overstate how crucial this task is to our success.

What is a sentence for the word crucial?

"Corporal, it is crucial that you remember this password because it will save all of our lives!"

Can you give me a sentence using the word 'crucial'?

Oxygen is the crucial element in air that is vital for survival. Education and training are crucial steps to becoming a doctor.

Can you give a sentence the word nutrition?

Nutrition is crucial for humans to survive.

How do use villi in a sentence?

In order to absorb all of the nutrients your food, villiis crucial.

The word epidemic in a sentence?

Preventing an epidemic from going pandemic is crucial to order in the city.

What is the definition Examples and general sense of a sentence?

An example sentence is a sentence written to show usage of a particular word or phrase. This sentence is an example of an example sentence!

Give example of interrogative sentence?

example of interrogative sentence

What is an example sentence?

This is an example of a sentence. Happyhot970: A example sentence would have a verb, subject, predicate, and maybe also a noun.