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You expect me to give you a facetious answer to this question?

I will not give you a facetious answer to this question, no sir!

(Good enough?)

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Q: What is an example of facetious language?
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Do any words in the English language have four different vowels?

Yes, many.Some, such as facetious have five.

Could you give me example sentences for facetious?

Facetious and Sarcastic have similar meanings and is a form of humor which picks on the obvious and opposite. Here is an example: Susan said: "Boy, you must be really lucky or blessed?" Charlie said, "Yeah, like Mary, Mother of Jesus, visits me daily." "She does?" "No, silly, I was being facetious."

What is the correct spelling of facetious?


What part of speech is facetious?

Facetious means not meant to be taken seriously or literally, amusing; humorous.Sorry if that sounds facetious, but it is a valid point.

Is facetious an adverb?

No, facetious is an adjective. The adverb form is facetiously.

Is the word facetious an adjective or an adverb?

Facetious is an adjective. The adverbial form is facetiously.

How do you use facetious?

Jack's facetious tone did not sit well with the stoic board members.

What are synonyms for facetious?

Synonyms for facetious are humorous, comic, droll, ribald, joking, and jocular.

What are sentences that use the word facetious correctly?

When making a facetious statement, you might want to smile or otherwise indicate that you are not being serious. He didn't understand that I was being facetious when I told him I could type in my sleep. My facetious suggestion to dig a moat around City Hall did not amuse the mayor. Facetious remarks or a joke or two are an excellent way to begin a speech, no matter how formal or serious the topic, since humor is the best way to engage an audience.

What 4 words in the English language show all vowels in alpha order?

Here's two: AbstEmIOUs fAcEtIOUs two more anyone?

When was Facetious Folly Feat created?

Facetious Folly Feat was created on 2006-10-30.

Can facetious mean fastidious?

No. Facetious means jokingly or in jest. Fastidious means particular or fussily tidy