What is an example of infrared rays?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: What is an example of infrared rays?
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Where can infrared rays be found?

infrared rays can be found in sunflower

What is the difference between infrared ray and gamma rays?

The main difference between gamma rays and infrared rays is in their wavelengths. Gamma rays have the shortest wavelengths while infrared rays have longer wavelengths. Gamma and infrared rays are types of electromagnetic radiation.

What is the maximum range of infrared rays?

The maximum range of infrared rays is 1000m.

Can you give me example of light energy?

light in a microwave, infrared light, and gamma rays.

What do people use everyday that have infrared rays in them?

Infrared rays are used in television remote controls

Are infrared rays radiation rays?

Yes, when you look at the Latin translation ,infrared means "below red."

Where rays can be found?

infrared rays can be found in sunflower

What is the origin of infrared?

Infrared Rays (IR) originate from the sun :)

Are infrared rays absorbed by the ozone layer which protects the earth?

Far infrared rays are, corresponding to lower temperatures, but not near infrared which corresponds to warmer temps.

How are X-ryas and infrared rays alike?

Infrared and x, or roentgen, rays are both part of the electromagnetic spectrum, of diffrent wave-lengths, infrared 'above' and x-rays 'below' what is part of the visible part.

What produces infrared rays?

Anything above the temperature of zero degrees produces infrared rays, that means that even humans do !!

What is the difference between Infrared and X rays?

Infrared radiation is of a much lower frequency (and a longer wavelength) than X-rays.