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What is an example of irritability?

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Just another word for uncomfortable

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Example of irritability?


Why is irritability important for the survial of animals?

Irritability is vital to life because it helps the organism to be alert to its environmennt. For example, when a person is afraid of snake and you hand her a snake she will freak out. This is what you call irritability.

The reaction of your body when it touches a very hot object is an example of?

irritabilityDetection of heat by touching

What are some common effects of stress and fatigue?

irritability and confusion

What is the verb of irritability?


Can protein shakes cause irritability?

Based on personal experience, YES! Others have reported protein shakes causing irritability as well. One way to minimize the irritability is to eat bananas or include them in the shake.

Ability to react to stimuli?


What is the importance of irritability to animals?

you smell.

Characteristics of irritability in a muscle tissue?

The characteristics of irritability in muscle tissue is known as excitability. This allows the muscles to respond appropriately to stimulation.

What is irritability of animals?

The irritability of animals is called temperament. As in dog breeds, some are gentle and others have a more profound territorial instinct.

How do you know you have your period?

Bleeding, cramps, irritability.

The ability to sense changes and react to them?


Does Oxycontin cause severe irritability?


The ablity to receive and respond to stimuli?


What is the difference between membrane irritability and membrane conductivity?

Irritability is the ability to respond to a stimulus and convert it into a nerve impulse while conductivity is the ability to transport the impulse.

The ability to receive and respond to stimuli is called?


What is a difference between plant and animal irritability?


The ability of muscle to receive and respond to stimuli?


How many syllables does the word irritability have?

Six syllables.

What structures are responsible for irritability in amoeba?


What does irritability mean?

means you are very easily irritated or annoyed. :)

What are some withdrawls of smoking tabbaco?

Cravings, irritability, anxiety.

What are the symptoms of stimulant?

passive behavior disorganization confusion irritability

Can Wellbutrin cause severe anger?

Yes, it can cause irritability.

What are the symptoms of getting your period?

Cramps, irritability, headaches, bloating