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Smoking causes a multitude of health problems, so not smoking prevents health problems.

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Q: What is an example of prevention in relation to health care?
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What is curative health care?

Curative care refers to health care practices that treat patients with the intent of curing them, not just reducing their pain or stress. An example is chemotherapy, which seeks to cure cancer patients. ... But that doesn't mean they won't have coverage for any curative care.

What is one of the main risk factors for gum disease?

lack of dental care. Initiatives by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have begun to study the relation between periodontal disease and general health.

What is the definition of healthcare management?

Health Care Management is the study of some aspects of health care, includingthe areas of health care policy, international health care systems, economy of health care, quality assurance, as it relates to the prevention, treatment and management of illness.

How health care services relate to health?

I think that there is a relation between the two. because ,imagine your self in a health care which the service on it poor what is your feeling about your health? and imagine the opposite!

What are the 3 levels of preventive care?

Primary health care is about preventing illness or disability. This would include Well Women's Clinics, child immunisation programs, malaria prevention and that sort of thing.Secondary health care is where a patient is ill and is treated, usually by nurses and doctors. Treatment of diabetes, high blood pressure, bronchitis and minor fractures are some examples of secondary health care.Tertiary health care is where things have gone wrong and long term care and rehabilitation programs are used, for instance if someone had a double amputation, they would need artificial limbs and physiotherapy and possibly adaptations to the home.

Why their are relation of safety and hygene?

Because if you care about each other you care about her health and safety if somebody wouldn't than he/she dint care

What has the author Wendy Smith written?

Wendy Smith has written: 'Osteoporosis' -- subject(s): Osteoporosis, Osteoporosis in women, Popular works, Prevention, Prevention & control, Self-care, Health 'Overcoming cystitis' -- subject(s): Cystitis, Health and hygiene, Prevention, Women

What services and products are provided by United Health Care Insurance?

The services and products which are listed as provided by United Health Care Insurance are Prevention and Wellness, Utilization Management, Disease Management Solutions, Personal Health/Care Management and Advanced Illness Services.

What does example mean?

integrated health care

Give an example of mean median and mode that are reported in a health care organization?

example of mean, median and mode that are reported in a health care organization

What is an example of secondary prevention associated with health care?

Colon cancer screening using fecal occult blood testing is an example of secondary prevention. By detecting colon cancer early, in this case by detecting the presence of blood in the stool, the patient may be able to obtain access to treatment that can slow or halt the development of colon cancer.

What is the answer for why healthcare is important?

Well I honestly believe health care is important because people are always sick. At times others are selfish for persuaded to pay taxes for health care, but it could possibly help you whenever you may need it! That's the reason I think health care is important. Everyone's opinion is different.why don't you think of prevention then would need less health care. This country makes too much money taking care of the symptoms not the disease or prevention by way of pharmaceuticals and surgeons