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Q: What is an example of the strong nucler force?
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How strong is the force of graviy?

gravity is the force that slows things down.for example an apple falling Dow of a tree.

What are the example of strong nuclear forces?

Strong nuclear force is the force that keeps the protons and neutrons in the nucleus of an atom. Being stronger than the electromagnetic force at very close distances, the strong nuclear force prevents the protons from repelling. Even more fundamentally, the strong nuclear force binds quarks together, which are the fundamental constituents of protons and neutrons.

What is the cloud mechanism?

A Nucler bomb

What is the most powerful force?

The strongest force known is called the "strong force" or "strong nuclear force".

What 3 ways can a force affect an objects motion?

Forces are created in many different ways. . . . . for example strong nuclear force electromagnetic force weak force and gravity

What is the strong force transmitted by?

Strong force is transmitted by gluons.

Father's role in the nucler family?

Make the money,pertect the family,fix things around the house, keep the kids in line and make sure they grow up strong.

What is weak and strong nuclear force?

A weak force is one of the fundamental forces of nature. Weak forces are responsible for radioactivity in certain items, which can cause cancer if not protected. It is also a force that is significant when atoms break apart.

What is the attractive force that overcomes the electric repulsion between protons?

The strong nuclear force, aka the strong interaction.

What are the force of natures?

The four fundamental forces of nature are gravity, the electromagnetic force, the strong force (strong nuclear force or strong interaction), and the weak force(weak nuclear force or weak interaction).

What were some of the problems that existed among the states?


Which uvierse force acts to hold the nucleas together?

That force is known as the "strong force", the "nuclear force", or the "residual strong force".