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I was pelted with shrapnel from the exploding grenades.

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Q: What is an example sentence for shrapnel?
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Can you shrapnel in a sentence?


A sentence with shrapnel in it please?

Lt. Dan was hit with shrapnel in the Vietnam War.

How do you use shrapnel in a sentence?

Over a dozen Marines were wounded on Saturday when they were struck by shrapnel from an IED. The word shrapnel is a noun.

What is shrapnel and why might it be dangerous?

shrapnel is a piece of metal. for example when a bomb explodes it creates shrapnel

What is a good sentence for the word shrapnel?

As a result of the explosion he suffered from, he was left with a bit of shrapnel in his brain.

How do you use the word shrapnel in a sentence?

"Shrapnel" means fragment of some military item, like a bullet, or a bomb shell, orsomething like that. You could use it like " As the bomb exploded, shrapnel flew everywhere" or "Asthe bullet made contact, it broke into shrapnel"

What is the birth name of Tom Shrapnel?

Tom Shrapnel's birth name is Thomas Heydon Shrapnel.

What is the birth name of Joe Shrapnel?

Joe Shrapnel's birth name is Joe Sebastian Shrapnel.

What is the birth name of Lex Shrapnel?

Lex Shrapnel's birth name is Alexander Carey Shrapnel.

Where did the word shrapnel come from?

The word 'shrapnel' is named after Henry Shrapnel the Englishman who invented it back in the 1700's.

What is shrapnel named after?

Shrapnel is named after Major General Henry Shrapnel (1761 - 1842) an English artillery officer

When did Norman Shrapnel die?

Norman Shrapnel died in 2004.