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To prevent Communism from spreading.

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Q: What is an explaination of America's policy of containment?
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Which american diplomat outlined americas containment policy?


What policy did the Truman Doctrine support?


The policy that aimed to prevent the spread of communism by bloking soviet influence?

Containment Policy

What was the US policy to stop the spread of Communism called?

It was called the CONTAINMENT POLICY.Please see this WikiAnswers Article which details how Containment worked.

For twenty five years in Vietnam Presidents Truman Eisenhower Kennedy Johnson and Nixon demonstrated Americas commitment to the policy of?

Communist containment (more commonly called "Soviet Containment" during those days). Or containing communist aggression.

What is a war policy?


Who was the president who applied the policy of containment during the cold war?

President Harry Truman isssued the policy of containment

What was the secret document written in 1950 that revised the containment policy and redirected the defense program in the US?

containment policy

The containment policy called for the United States to do what?

The containment policy called for the united states to not spread communism abroad.

The policy of resisting the expansion of Soviet power and influence in world politics was known as?

Containment was the foreign policy meant to resist the expansion of the Soviet Union. This policy was implemented by the United States in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

During the Cold War this policy was adopted by the United states to keep communism from spreading?

The US adopted a policy called 'containment'

What policy did George F. Kennan's ideas about Soviet expansion lead to?

His policy about Soviet Expansion lead to "Containment" Containment- the policy or process of preventing the expantion of a hostile power