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Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.

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Q: What is an explanation of E equals mc squared?
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Who developed the formula E equals mc squared?

Einstein developed the E = mc squared formula.

When did Einstein discover E equals mc squared?


If E equals MC squared what does M equals?

M = mass

Is e equals mc squared proven?


What did einstine formula E equals MC squared stand for?

E=MC squared was Einstein's formula for splitting the atom. Energy = mass X speed of light squared

What was Albert Einstein mathematicals discovery?

e=mc2 (e equals mc squared)

Which theory is expressed in the equation in E equals mc squared?


Is Einstein wrong about e equals mc squared?

No, not as science currently understands.

If E equals mc squared and F equals M x A does F over an equal E over c-sqaured?


How is Einstein's famous equation E equals mc?

E=MC2 means Energy equals Mass times the speed of light squared.

Who is the German physcist famous for the formula e equals mc squared?

Albert Einstein.

What medical tool uses the equation E equals MC squared?

PET scans

In the equation E equals mc squared what does c stand for?

C = speed of light

Does E equals MC squared suggest that mass and energy together are conserved?


How do matter and energy interact?

By the equation e=mc(squared) which says energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.

What type of equation is e equals mc squared?

Energy=Mass xC2 What does the C stand for?

What scientist developed the equation E equals MC squared?

I'm pretty sure it was Einstein....

What does the c in E equals mc stand for?

Energy = mass x speed of light(squared)

Why is the formula e equals mc2 and not merely e-mc?

The 2 stands for squared . So in all the formula is : Energy equals the mass times the constant (Speed of light) squared. The 2 squares the formula.

Energy equals the speed of light squared times?


What is the name of the person most closely associated with the formula E equals mc squared?

Albert Einstein.

What does the C mean in E equals MC squared?

C stands for the speed of light, which is 299,792,458 meters per second.

What does mc equal?

E=mc squared

In the equation ''E mc squared '' what does the litter ''c'' stand for?

c in E=mc squared meaqns the speed of light

What is the law of general relativity?

E=Mc2 (E equals MC squared) What it really means is that energy and matter/mass are the same thing. Einsteins own words. Energy equals matter times the speed of light times its self (squared).