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ou have not reached a decision; you have not made your choice, therefore you are undecided

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Q: What is an expository sentence for undecided?
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How to use Expository in a sentence?

Expository means to describe something. A good sentence would be, he tried to achieve a formal expository situation to the class.

What is a good sentence using the word expository?

The expository dialog did a lot of other things.

How can you use the word Expository in a sentence?

He wrote an expository essay on the glass making process.

What is a sentence for undecided?

In an opinion poll on almost any subject, a substantial fraction of Americans will be reported as undecided.

Use lust in a sentence?

"I am undecided if I am in love or lust with you"

Can you write a sentence using the word undecided?

not sure cant make a desion

How do you use explanation in a sentence?

Dr. Andrews' explanation was was exhaustively detailed; I didn't understand one word.My teacher gave me a brief explanation about how plant cells and human cells have similar qualities.

What is the one word for the sentence He was undecided- he let the grass grow under his feet?

Procrastination; he procrastinated.

Can you give an example of a sentence using the word expository?

Example SentencesHowever, he too often employs lengthy expository quotes andprotracted stretches of trial transcript.The words, which were given to music, have only an expository value.He avoids artiness, writes clear expository prose and has the ability tocreate real people.I thank for these example sentences.

When was The Undecided created?

The Undecided was created in 1994.

What is an expository sentence?

Well if you know how to write a normal summary its almost like an expository summary just more information

What is a undecided election?

a undecided election is a election that is not sure about