What is an impact asteroid?


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There is no "impact asteroid". An asteroid impact however is when an asteroid hits a planet or moon.

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meteroite impact is the impact of a small asteroid, whereas an asteroid is much bigger and therefore causes more damage and destruction

The Impact of an asteroid on other planet that there would be big collisions or clashes between them.

The impact of a meteoroid or an asteroid.

There was one significant asteroid impact in 1908 - the Tunguska event. It is possible that smaller asteroids hit Earth after that. There was a smaller asteroid/meteor impact more recently - the Chelyabinsk event in 2013.

An asteroid called apophis has a very high chance to hit the Earth in 2036.

yes, but the impact will be insignificant since the asteroid will be a small one.

It is when an astriod impacts something or hits it

it is a result of an asteroid impact

Asteroid impact craters are destroyed by weather, erosion, and earthquakes.

Which asteroid? depending on its size, an asteroid impact could be devastating for life on Earth, though life would recover somehow eventually.

It is more likely to pass right through than impact anything as most of the asteroid belt is empty space.

Depends entirely on the impacting speed and the size of the asteroid. Generally an asteroid impact is not going to bode well for life on Earth

*In the everglades, there was an asteroid impact that made a crater, the size of Conneticut *the first asteroid was discovered in 1801 by Giuseppe Piazzi

A significant impact to the planet from a large enough asteroid could cause volcanic eruptions.

hurricanes and tornadoes Asteroid impact.

Well in the one in Arizona, they walk round it.

An asteroid will hit the Earth, it is only a question of when. Astronomers are always tracking near earth asteroids, but we currently have no way to prevent an asteroid impact.

I does not. The asteroid would of had to knock out the entire earth for that to happen. If you think of the facts it is just not possible.

7.28 is the mathmatical term. Or 9.287.581

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