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It is the change of rate of momentum

Impulse is the integral of force over time, it is measured in Newton-seconds. For instance a force of one Newton applied over one second will change the momentum, a force of two Newton's applied over half of a second will have a similar effect.

For rigid body collisions we take this to its limit and apply an infinite force over an infinitesimally small time. This impulse is equal to the change in momentum of the colliding objects. Because we are talking about forces here, Newton's third law applies, and the impulse on the colliding objects will be equal and opposite.

impulse = m(vf- vi)

In simple words: Impulse- A form of fast-moving electrical messages

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Q: What is an impulse?
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Impulse refers to both force and time....... Impulse=(the change in Force)*(time) OR Impulse=the change in Momentum

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The impulse on the colliding objects will be equal and opposite. impulse = m(vf- vi)

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Impulse equals change in momentum.

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Impulse is another name for change in momentum.Both momentum and impulse have same unit( Ns or kgm/s) . Impulse is also defined as force acting for a time "t". so, Impulse=F*t

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