What is an index variable?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What is an index variable?
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What are the index variable in the for loop?

The for loop uses a counter or an index variable to loop through the statements. This variable is used through the loop, changed and finally compared with the loop condition for consideration of the loop's next cycle. The variable(s) used inside the for loop for comparison (with the mentioned condition) and increment/decrement is know as the index variable. for example (Java) : for(int i=1; i<5; i++){ ... } in this example, integer 'i' is the index variable.

Is a variable annuity a good 403B investment?

Fees are higher in a Variable annuity than they are in say a fixed Index Annuity.

What is true of a base period for a index number?

The value of the variable in the base period forms the basis of comparison of the variable in other periods.

What is the unit for modulation index?

Modulation index is also called as Modulation depth. The modulation index of a modulation scheme describes by how much the modulated variable of the carrier signal varies around its unmodulated level.

Can index variable in for statement take negative or fractional value?

Yes, that is perfectly fine. (in c++ at least)

What metamorphic grade does the mineral sillimanite belong to?

Sillimanite is an index mineral for high temperature and variable pressure metamorphism.

Difference between inverted lists and multi lists?

In a Multi-list organisation an index entry points to the first data record in the list, whereas in inverted index file an index entry has address pointers to all the data records related to it. • A multi-list index has fixed length records, whereas an inverted index contains variable length records

Help designing an algorithm?

-Start -Read the full name -Save the index of the "comma" to i -Store the characters from i+1 to the end of the string to another variable -Print the variable followed by three spaces -Stop

What is difference between key and index in php arrays?

A key is the name of a variable in an array ($array["key"]) and the index is the position it's at ($array = ["key" => 0], the index would be 0). Keys and indices are the same if the array is not associative though ($array = [true], the key holding the value true is named 0 and is at index 0).

Is a fixed index annuity good for older persons.?

Yes. A Fixed Index Deferred Annuity offers the senior; [1] a fixed guaranteed interest rate annually, [2] additional growth potential with index market growth, [3] are tax deferred allowing the entire amount of principle and gains to snowball and increase total equity growth. [4] has zero risk to principle or gains. The key word in an annuity is "variable". A variable annuity is at risk of loss of all gains and sometimes principle. Avoid any annuity with the word "variable".

What are some names of vanguard variable annuity profiles?

Here are some of the vanguard variable annuity portfolios are VVA-Balanced, VVA-Capital Growth, VVA-Diversified Value, VVA-Equity Income, and VVA-Equity Index.

What is like terms in polynomial?

They are terms in which a variable is raised to the same power (index) in both terms. So x2y and -27x2y are like terms but not xy2.