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What is an industry?

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An industry is described as a generic term for a distinct group of economic activities. Industries are described and classified by their primary activity or product.

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Who uses 3D printers?

Aeronautic trade. Engineering Industry. Car Industry. Business Products. Buyer Goods Industry. Shopper Electronics. Safeguard Industry. Dental Industry. Training Industry. Medicinal Industry. Form Industry.

What are main industries in Pakistan?

textile industryoil industrycotton industrycement industrysugar industryetc

What industry use Rasching ring?

Chemical industry, metallurgy industry, coal gas industry, and oxygen producing industry.

Economic profits in an industry suggest the industry?

economic profits in a industry suggest the industry

What is linkage industry?

this is an industry that is connected to another industry

What is a future industry?

wellness industry is the future industry.

Is the construction industry a secondary industry or a tertiary industry?


Which industry is known as the sunrise industry?

steel and iron industry

What are the 3 major types of industry?

The three types are Primary industry, Secondary Industry and Tertiary Industry.

What are the 4 types of industry?

Four types of industry are:The Manufacturing and Construction Industry.The Service IndustryThe Cottage IndustryThe Linkage IndustryThe Linkage industry emerges from a situation where one industry produces a good which another industry depends on to carry out its activities.Example of a linkage industrythe food canning industries depend upon the agriculture sector.Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Quaternary

What are the main industries in Romania?

Examples: - vehicles industry - petroleum industry - chemical industry - metallurgy - foods industry - clothing industry - furnitures - building industry - mining - energy production etc.

What are some of industries of Romania?

Some examples are: - chemical industry - mechanical industry - metallurgy - mining - energy production - wood industry - textiles industry - electrotechnical industry - vehicles industry etc.

What would be an Industry?

Auto Industry Textile Industry is a couple for starters

In the food industry what is it called?

food industry is considered the Grocery Industry

What is the main industry in the Maldives?

The largest industry in the Maldives is the tourism industry

Which industry was the seeding drill made for?

The agriculture industry, or farming industry.

What industry is the explosives industry associated with?

Historically, the explosives industry has been closely aligned with the coal mining industry

What are linkage industry?

A linkage industry is an industry that depends on other industry for its output in order to provide goods and services.

Is the forest industry a secondary industry or a tertiary industry?

Forest industry is PRIMARY INDUSTRY. Primary sector of industry generally involves changing natural resourcesinto primary products. Most products from sector are considered raw meterials for oter industry. So forest industry is primary induetry.

Identify the 4 cities that had a specialized industry?

Detriot has a car industry Boston has a textile industry(cloth) Pittsburg has a steel industry Chicago has a meat packing industry

What is core industry?

Core industry can be defined as the main industry. In most countries, there is a particular industry that seems to be the backbone of all other industries and that qualifies to be the core industry.

What is a global industry?

A global industry is one that spans many nations. The NBA is a global industry as well as the plumbing industry.

Types of industries?

there arefour main types of industries primary industry secondary industry tertiary industry quaternary industry

Is industry an adjective?

Industrial is the adjective, but industry can be used as a noun modifying a noun e.g., industry practice or industry averages.

What industry is Bangalore associated?

It is Mostly Associated with the IT industry but in recent times even the Fashion industry and Alcohol Industry have developed