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What is an objective statement?

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Objective statement is one of the most important part of your resume. You must have to write about 'why you are referring this job ?'.

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What is a good objective statement when applying for a job in IT Company?

objective statement regarding IT jobs

Objective statement for a new cna graduate?

An example of a good objective statement for a CNA is, " Seeking a position where my skills as a CNA will be used to further the organization." Your objective statement should be short and to the point.

How do you write an objective statement?

Any strong resume includes an objective statement. This is the highlight of your introduction on a resume for the hiring manager or interviewer. Your objective statement should highlight your skills and career goals for the position you are applying for. In creating your objective statement, consider using keywords related to the industry. Keep it short and simple.

Objective statement?

Water is wet.

Was the declaration an objective and unbiased statement of the american-british conflict?

it was an objective and biased statement in the point of view of those who wrote it.

What is a objective statement?

An objective statement expresses a person's or an organization's goals for reaching a desired position in the future. It contains details on how the goals are to achieved.

What is the difference between an objective statement and a nonobjective statement?

The lack of observable evidence

What is the best objective statement on a sales resume ever written?

objective for a sales clerk

What is an example objective statement for a bank teller?

what is a good bank teller objective for a resume?

What are some examples of an objective statement for oil field resumes?

To explore the effects of the oil fields in the environment is an example of an objective statement for the oil field resumes. An objective refers to a goal that is intended to be attained.

What is the mission statement of tyco international?

what is the mission statement or overriding objective of Tyco Electrinics

What is a sample objective statement for an accountant?

I object to you deduction!

How do I write an objective statement for a claims adjuster?


Why Profit Maximisation is the main objective of a firm Discuss this statement with the help of an example?

1. Profit Maximisation is the main objective of a firm" Discuss this statement with the help of an example.

Is this statement The low power objective has a greater magnification than the scanning objective true or false?

It is false.

What is a sample objective statement for an executive assistant?

I would like to obtain a sample job objective for an executive Assistant.

What is a good objective statement when applying for target?

A good objective statement clearly indicates that for what you are looking for i.e for which kind of job exactly you want, it also gives detail about your area of interest.

What is the first step in planning a resume?

planning and writing your objective statement

Tips for Writing a Clear Objective Statement?

If you’re applying for a job, one of the things you’ll need to prepare is an objective statement. The objective statement typically appears on your resume and often it is woven into the text of your cover letter as well. (Think of the objective statement as the “thesis” of your cover letter.) Here are some things to keep in mind as you write a clear and effective objective statement.Keep it brief. A clear, focused objective statement can be written in less than 50 words. My advice is to write a draft of your objective statement, including everything you want to say. Then edit it down to the “meat” of the message.Make it stand out. Keep in mind that your potential employer will be reading many, many objective statements. Make yours stand out by mentioning specific skills you have that would benefit the company you want to work for.Focus on your skills. Even if this is your first job, focus on skills you acquired during your time in college or through internship experiences.Use active language. Typical phrases for starting an objective statement include active language such as “seeking a position as….” Or “looking to obtain a position as…” Using active language lends energy and pizazz to your resume.Keep it positive. Always use positive language in your objective statement. Never write anything negative about your current or past jobs/industries.Focus on what you can do for them. Employers want to know how you can benefit them, so your objective statement should be phrased accordingly. The objective statement should briefly describe how your skills and personality and benefit their organization.Make sure it is free of grammatical errors.The objective statement is, essentially, a distilled introduction to you and your skills (which is expanded upon in the cover letter). It is also the first thing that most employers read about you. For these reasons, it is essential that it be free of grammar and spelling errors.For samples of effective objective statements, see:

Why Management is an art of directing human efforts to achieve stipulated objective and how far do you agree with the above statement?

Why Management is an art of directing human efforts to achieve stipulated objective and how far do you agree with the above statement?

What is a whim?

A conclusory statement without the benefit of objective support. Whereas an opinion is a conclusory statement WITH objective supporting fact or facts.

The objective of Management is to maximize profits?

It is a true statement that the objective, or goal, of management is to maximize profits. Another term for profit would be financial gain.

What is the Mission statement of a hotel?

There is no standardized mission statement for hotels. The vision and mission statements are particular to the specific hotel and their overall goals and objective.

The statement the children will improve their social skills and form a friendship is an example of what?

Behavioral Objective

Which of these questions will best help you tell whether a statement is a fact or an opinion?

Is it subjective or objective?