What is an old Italian capital?

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Turin was Italy's first capital city from 1861 to 1865 when Florence became the capital & finally Rome became the capital in 1871.
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What was the old capital of Spain?

Toledo was once the Capital of Spain. Spain has only existed as one political entity since the unification of the kingdoms of Castile, Leon, and Aragon in 1516 under the reign of Carlos II of Spain. He was the first monarch to rule all three kingdoms. He was also known as Carlos V (Charles V) Holy R ( Full Answer )

What is the 'Old' capital of Morocco?

Depending on which Moroccan King or Dynasty is referred to, the answer can be Marrakesh, Fez, and Meknes. Fes was the earliest Moroccan capital city and was founded by the Idrissids, the first endemic Moroccan Dynasty. Rabat, the current capital of Morocco, was also the capital for the Merinids a fe ( Full Answer )

What was the old capital city of Brazil?

There are two old or former capital cities in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro was the capital from 1793 until 1960. Salvador was the first capital, from 1549 to 1793. Brasilia became the capital of Brazil on April 21, 1960.

Old capitals of Wales?

Machynlleth in Powys used to be the old capital in Wales in the time of Owain Glyndwr, but some say that Dolgellau in Gwynedd used to be it.

What was the old capital city of Fiji?

I'm not sure whether you would call my little home town a city..but the old capital of Fiji is LEVUKA, which is a town on the island of Ovalau..

What was the capital of the old Kingdom?

Well in Egypt it was Memphis because when king Narmer known as Menese united upper Egypt and lower Egypt together he stayed in Memphis on the boarder of upper and lower Egypt but he originally come from upper Egypt which landed on the upper river

What is 'sixty years old' in Italian?

Sessanta anni is an Italian equivalent of 'sixty years old'. In the word by word translation, the number 'sessanta' means 'sixty'. The masculine gender noun 'anni' means 'years'. The phrase is pronounced 'sehs-SAHN-tah AHN-nee'.

What is Granada the old capital of?

The city of Granada in Spain was a regional capital of the Nasrids during the Moorish occupation (711 AD-1492 AD), which was called the Emirate of Granada, part of the Iberian empire of Al-Andalus (711 AD-1228 AD). By 1236 AD, Granada was an isolated Berber enclave that had allied itself with Ferdin ( Full Answer )

What was the old Macedonia capital?

The capital of Macedonia during Alexander the Great's time was Pella. Since then, the most important city in Macedonia has been Thessaloniki.

What was the old Capital of Macedonia?

The old capital of Macedonia was ancient Aegae (modern Vergina). Itwas subsequently moved to Pella, where Alexander the Great wasborn.

How old is the Italian language?

it was first found in text in the 12th century but other writing that were the buildng blocks of the language were found in the year 960 so its old xD

What is the old capital of the US?

the original capital was Philadelphia, after that it moved around until it finally ended up in Washington D.C.

What was the capital of Egypt in the old kingdom?

The capital of ancient Egypt was first Memphis (during the Old Kingdom), then Thebes (during the Middle and the New Kingdom) until Alexander the Great invaded Egypt. He made Alexandria the capital and it remained Alexandria until the 7th cenutry.

How do you say old in Italian?

There are several ways to say old in Italian. One of which is vecchio . You can find some others, as well as other language translations for this word on answers.com at the following link: http://www.answers.com/old .

Is the phrase an Italian Grocery capitalized correctly?

No , the phrase "an Italian grocery" is not capitalized correctly. pecifically, if the reference is to any store that offers Italian groceries and is Italian owned and operated, then correct capitalization is "an Italian grocery." Neither does the phrase show correct capitalization if it refers to ( Full Answer )

Is the phrase the Italian Grocery correctly capitalized?

Yes , the phrase 'Italian Grocery' may be capitalized correctly. The phrase seems to refer to a location where groceries are sold, or to the name of some literary piece. The definite article 'the' may or may not need to be capitalized, depending upon whether it's to be included in the name of the st ( Full Answer )

What is 'old bridge' in Italian?

Ponte vecchio is the Italian equivalent of 'old bridge'. In the word by word translation, the masculine gender noun 'ponte' means 'bridge'. The masculine adjective 'vecchio' means 'old'. The phrase is pronounced 'POHN-tay VEH-kee-oh'. . The sound 'ay' is similar to the sound 'ay' in the English n ( Full Answer )

What is Brazils old capital city?

First capital was SALVADOR. RIO DE JANEIRO was the second one.. and now BRASILIA is the Brazil's capital!

What is the English phrase 'How old are you' in Italian?

Quanti anni hai ? is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "How old are you?" Specifically, the masculine interrogative quanti means "how many." The masculine noun anni means "years." The verb hai means "(informal singular you) are having, do have, have." The pronunciation is "KWAH ( Full Answer )

What is 'How old is she' in Italian?

Quanti anni ha is an Italian equivalent of 'How old is she'. In the word by word translation, the interrogative 'quanti' means 'how many'. The masculine gender noun 'anni' means 'years'. The verb 'ha' means '[he/she/it] does have, has, is having'. The phrase is pronounced 'KWAHN-tee AHN-nee a ( Full Answer )

What is 'old lady' in Italian?

Vecchia or Vecchia signora may be Italian equivalents of 'old lady'. The phrase is pronounced 'VEHK-kee-ah see-NYOH-rah'. The feminine adjective 'vecchia' means 'old'. The feminine gender noun 'signora' means 'lady, Madame, woman'. The adjective may be used as a noun. In that case, it takes the ( Full Answer )

How old are Italians when they get married?

18 is the age at which Italians legally may marry. They may marry at 16 with the court's consent. Despite these provisions, Italians tend to marry later. Recent research indicates that males tend to be around 30, and females around 27, at the time of first marriages.

What is another name for Old Italian?

The name of the old Italian language is Latin, as the language ofthe Romans when they ruled Italy and much of Europe and since theItalian language is partly based on Latin.

The capitals of the Italian states?

Type your answer here... Italian States? what do you mean? Italy is a Country, like France and Germany, and the capital is Rome.

Why was Bonn the old capital of Germany?

Bonn was NEVER meant to be the permanent capital of West Germany. Even when it was voted as provisional seat of government, the delegates assiduously avoided referring to it as "capital" as they still hoped that eventually the zones of occupation would be re-united into one country, with Berlin as i ( Full Answer )

What was the old capital of Iran?

There were many old capitals, the latest of which was Shiraz before moving .to the current capital Tehran

Which is the old capital of japan?

The old capital of Japan was Kyoto, in fact the name "Kyoto" actually means Capital capital, or capital of capitals. - Kyoto did not start out as the capital of Japan. A noteworthy earlier capital was Nara. In 741, Emperor Shōmu moved the capital briefly to a place called Kuni-kyo, between the ci ( Full Answer )

How do you say old world in Italian?

" Vecchio mondo " is an Italian equivalent of "old world." Specifically, the masculine singular adjective " vecchio " means "old." The masculine singular noun " mondo " means "world." The masculine singular definite article is " il " ("the"). The masculine singular indefinite article is " un , u ( Full Answer )

Is Old World capitalized?

yes! it's a specific period of time ----------------------------------------------------------------- Question : Old World may be specific period of time,but so are the words past and future. So, why do we capitalize the term Old World, but not past andfuture?

Are the names of countries capitalized in Italian?

Yes , countries are capitalized in Italian. Specifically, the first letter of ordinary nouns is not capitalized. But the first letter of proper nouns tends to be capitalized. Countries are proper nouns whose first letter is capitalized.

Do you write 'Italian leather' with a capital letter?

Yes , "Italian" is written with the first letter capitalized, but no, the first letter of "leather" is not capitalized. Specifically, the first letter of the adjective "Italian" is capitalized because it refers to a nationality. The first letter of the noun "leather" is not capitalized. Neither ( Full Answer )

Italian region capital perugia?

Perugia is the capital city of the region in Italy known as Umbriain central Italy. It is located on the Tiber River and was animportant Roman Stronghold.

What is the Italian translation of 'old soul'?

Vecchia anima is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "old soul." Specifically, the feminine adjective vecchia means "old." The feminine noun anima means "soul." The pronunciation is "VEHK-KYAH-nee-mah."

What was the old capital of Canaan?

Not Applicable. Canaan is a region of land similar to Germany pre-unification (but after the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire). It contains within it a number of different city-states which independently have their own capital cities. Some of the Important Canaanite/Israelite capital citie ( Full Answer )

What is 'capital T' when translated from English to Italian?

T maiuscole is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "capital T." The feminine singular noun and feminine/masculine singular adjective may be rendered additionally into English as "majuscule T" and "upper-case T." The pronunciation will be "tea meye-OO-skoo-ley" in Italian.

What Italian city is the capital of michelangelos birth?

Michelangelo was born on March 6,1475 in Caprese, Italy. Caprese is a village in the province ofArezzo, Tuscany, Italy. Arezzo is the capital of province ofArezzo. Florence is the capital city of the Italian region ofTuscany. Rome is the capital city of Italy.